Asian Zodiac NFT Project ‘TEB’ Launches with Tiger NFTs

A new game, the Asian Zodiac NFT Project TEB, is launching with blockchain-powered character and tiger artworks that can be bought or sold. The project has been in development for over a year by an undisclosed team of developers to give users more ownership of the digital assets they buy.

The “tiger chinese zodiac” is a project that has launched with the aim of creating a decentralized, open source and publicly accessible database of digital assets.

Twelve Earthly Branches (TEB) is a new NFT initiative that pays tribute to the mythical narrative of the same name from East Asia. TEB LAB was inspired by the story’s South Korean adaptation, in which twelve animals competed in a race to establish their position in the Asian 12-year cycle. TEB hopes to cast authentic creative, artistic, and technical light on the holy narrative via the unlimited medium of the metaverse, in combination with their love for blockchain technology.

The start of TEB in 2022 is symbolized by the roar of the Tiger; however, as the project’s sustainable ecology of storytelling grows over time, anticipate to be exposed to other creatures. 

The Museum’s Collection

TEB’s first NFT launch is a set of 50,000 Tiger Family NFTs dubbed ‘TEB x SeoulTiger.’ These NFTs have a distinct and dynamic tiger image in the format of a profile photo, which each has a range of distinctive and creative qualities, as seen on the project’s social media channels.

Having the rights to use a TEB x SeoulTiger NFT for commercial purposes, as well as an NFT from a future TEB release, includes being eligible for airdropped TEB character NFTs, receiving profit shares in the project, being a member of the project’s DAO system, and being involved in additional IP that the project takes over.

The public mint date and prices of the drop are yet to be announced, however, The Museum’s Collection will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, where ETH will be required to purchase the NFTs.

The NFT Community will be rewarded.

TEB’s goal is to provide masterclasses in Asian Zodiac storytelling, but the project also values the narrative of the environment in which it exists, namely the tale of NFTs and blockchain technology. 

With this in mind, TEB have decided to reward NFT community members who’ve put faith in the project they deem as the most pioneering: the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection. TEB see BAYC as The Museum’s Collection which built on the values originally established by CryptoPunks, by opening up the asset’s ability to grow through adding storytelling, community, and scalability to its utility.

A major chunk of the TEB x SeoulTiger collection will be reserved for people who possess a BAYC NFT, who will be eligible for an airdrop of one of the NFTs (only paying for gas fees).

Any NFTs not accepted by BAYC holders will be burned as part of the initiative, emphasizing the importance of philosophical values above monetary ones. 



Now that Phase 0 has concluded with the formation of the team and the launch of the website, and the pre-minting and community launch are rapidly approaching, it’s time to focus on Phase 1, which includes the release of the whitepaper, an art event, and, of course, the public minting of the Tiger Family collection.

The Dragon Branch will be introduced in Phase 2, as well as free airdrops to TEB NFT holders, the development of a DAO application, online and offline community meet-ups, the establishment of a YouTube channel, and the acquisition of fresh NFT investments and IP.

The Cow Branch will take center stage in Phase 3, along with another TEB NFT owner airdrop, token economy upgrades, the introduction of a Play-to-Earn game, the publication of a ‘Webtoon,’ and the project’s entry into fashion. 

Phase 4 of the roadmap will see the Dog Branch released, as well as the establishment of a ‘TEB Zone’ on a metaverse platform, a marketplace release, and musical collaborations. 

Keep an eye on TEB’s Twitter account for information on the forthcoming mint, as well as opportunities to win NFT and whitelist spots. 

Visit >> Twelve Earthly Branches Website

Follow TEB >> Twitter


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