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The internet has been around for over 20 years, but it is only in the past 10-15 that digital art and online communities have started to take off. Artists are now able to create their own artwork, share it with others and collect a worldwide following of fans who enjoy both the work as well as interacting with other artists.

The “how to sell art in metaverse” is a question that has been asked many times before. One of the ways to do so is by using the “Art On Internet – The Holistic Digital Art Connoisseurs.”

Art On Internet (AOI) is an artisan movement on a mission to widen the reach of digital art and NFTs by using the steadfast momentum that has already built up in the Web3 arena.

To that end, the AOI is sponsoring a number of projects aimed at making NFTs more accessible to a wider worldwide audience. NFT drops, metaverse exhibits, a TV documentary series, and a slew of other 1/1 events are among them. 

Its virtual center, the ‘AOI Museum,’ is powered by Unreal Engine and features a high-fidelity, multi-dimensional exposition of art that spans all realms of creation. The place, which blends the past and future, nature and architecture, interior and landscape, and is accessible on all web browsers, is created to be calm, lyrical, and immersive by fusing the past and future, nature and architecture, interior and landscape.


AOI aspires to catapult community artists into the Web3 glory they deserve, with creativity, development, and technical growth at its heart. The first collection to get such treatment is ‘Night Visions,’ an NFT series produced by widely-acclaimed artist Jake Fried, in which the platform has helped digitally preserve Fried’s 1,440, 1/1 handmade pieces of titles, martial textures, and brilliant colors on the blockchain. Each Night Visions NFT also functions as a Jake Fried Collectors Club membership card.  

To keep things entirely tactile, AOI has also released a collection of 888 bottles of Muroka Nama Genshu-style ‘Junmai Daiginjo,’ which is the highest grade of Japan’s traditional rice wine, Sake.

The ‘SAK’ collection, as expected, has a rich artistic flair, with each of the creamy white bottles sporting a tactile, horizontal pattern that pays homage to traditional Japanese waves and rice field terraces, and their corks sporting a fabric label inspired by Japanese head scarves and dress traditions. Bjarke Ingels Group, a world-renowned team of designers, innovators, and architects, created the products.

Possessions of Great Value

In abiding to the platform’s community-driven ethos (and to also coin its ‘collector’ status) AOI owns 274 NFTs, with its most Possessions of Great Value being the algorithmically-generated ‘Return Zero’ and ‘Elektroanima’ pieces by US-based artist Tyler Hobbs.

Here’s a look at the collection’s rich artistic resemblance.

Pass NFTs on the Whitelist

The Whitelist Pass NFT, which offers lifelong access to AOI’s groundbreaking Web3 network and the assortment of world-class artists, collectors, and drops at its disposal, is the company’s all-encompassing asset.

Holders of a Whitelist Pass NFT will also have the opportunity to join the platform’s #THE1000 community, where they will be able to unlock additional Whitelist benefits, such as guaranteed minting for all drops, monthly giveaways, exclusive 1/1 NFTs, and more, in addition to the Whitelist Pass NFT perks. 


In order to reach #THE1000 community, collectors must collect multiple Pass NFTs on the Whitelist, which will then help them climb the ranks and enter the top 1,000 holders.

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The “metaverse digital art” is a group of artists who are creating and selling their work on the internet. They have been able to create a large following, due to the fact that they focus more on the spiritual side of art.

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