Archie Comics Launches NFT-Gated Writer’s Room

The comic book industry is poised to transform. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, Archie Comics has partnered with a new blockchain-based author’s collective called Blockchain House

Archie Comics has announced the launch of a new “NFT-Gated Writer’s Room, which will be made available to writers who want to build their own story on the platform. The company has also revealed that it will be launching its first NFT-based comic in November. Read more in detail here: what nfts will be on coinbase.

Archie Comics, the iconic comic book publisher, is bringing fan-generated art and narratives to the blockchain, as well as an NFT collection. To help with its transition to Web3, the 80-year-old series has teamed up with Palm NFT Studios to produce ‘Archiverse: Eclipse,’ a blockchain-based writer’s room. 

Unlike other writers’ rooms, which are made up of paid showrunners, TV writers, and producers, the ‘Archiverse: Eclipse’ writer’s room will have a unique twist: content production will be restricted to individuals who possess a certain NFT.

Eclipse – The Archiverse The NFTs in question will be released on May 16th and will be inspired by Archie Comics’ horror brand’s ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.’ According to the firm, the collection will yield 6,666 created characters and 3,000,000,000 outcomes, which will be used by NFT holders to develop and construct an alarming and publishable prophesy.

If a work is chosen for publication, the contributors will be compensated directly, as well as given’story credit’ in future comic series integration. 

Archie Comics’ choice to enlist the help of Palm NFT Studios is a wise one, given the Web3 ecosystem in New York is no stranger to comic book blockchain projects. The business was the brains behind DC Comics’ massive Bat Cowl NFT collection, which was released earlier this month. 


The “nft partnerships” is a new way for Archie Comics to launch their NFT-Gated Writer’s Room. The company has partnered with blockchain startups, like the ones that are featured in this article, to help them launch their projects.

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