APENFT Auctions Five Vanity Fair NFT Covers

The prestigious magazine Vanity Fair is auctioning five new cryptocurrency NFTs, which are only available through the use of a blockchain. Will these unique tokens make their mark on the world?

The “nfts art” is a digital asset that can be bought and sold. The “APENFT Auctions Five Vanity Fair NFT Covers” is a digital auction that will take place on the Ethereum blockchain.

– – – – – – – – – – – – On Monday, May 23, APENFT and Valuart completed the inaugural Vanity Fair NFT Cover Drops. The collection, which includes four 1:1 edition NFTs as well as a 1000-mint run of the original “H.E. Justin Sun 2022” edition NFT, is a real cross-over between art, entertainment, and the crypto sector. 

From Monday, May 23, until Monday, May 30, at 7 p.m. GMT, four NFTs were auctioned on the APENFT marketplace. The starting price was 1500 TRX, or around $120. 

All four NFTs were won at astounding hammer prices at the end of the auction: 

  • 310,000 WTRX ($25,420) Say the Words I Can’t Say
  • 310,000 WTRX ($25,420) The Plum Thief
  • Ludwig: 322,888 WTRX ($26,476) Ludwig: 322,888 WTRX ($26,476) Ludwig: 322,888 WTR
  • 299,999 WTRX ($24,599) Ratty Portrait

The sixth cover, which featured Exclusive Edition H.E. Justin Sun, was on sale for 999 TRX ($80). Valuart designed the NFT, dubbed “H.E. Justin Sun 2022,” to honor the entrepreneur and his outstanding year. The artwork, which consists of a series of stylised images of H.E. Justin Sun, is a perfect representation of the crypto movement that is reshaping the worlds of art and entertainment. The APENFT ecosystem’s community-oriented NFT will be accessible in a bigger collection and is sure to become a prized collector.

The H.E. Justin Sun Exclusive NFT cover is still available for purchase as of Tuesday, May 31. 2021 Vanity Fair NFT Cover honoring H.E. Justin Sun.

His Excellency is honored on the cover of Vanity Fair NFT. 2021, Justin Sun

Say The Words That I Can’t Say, The Plum Thief, Ludwig, and Ratty Portrait are among the four intriguing covers created by four exceptional artists hand-picked by Valuart and Vanity Fair for this groundbreaking effort to Support Digital Art. 

Valuart painstakingly handpicked this collection to discover artists that really reflected the burgeoning crypto-art movement, and worked together with Vanity Fair to give the artworks a well-deserved place on the magazine’s famous digital cover. 

The Isolationist’s song Say The Words That I Can’t Say exemplifies the power of art in expressing what cannot be expressed in words. Coup of Grace’s The Plum Thief is a visual trip through an everyday but bizarre situation in a coffee shop. Ludwig, a work by Von Doyl, is a reconstruction of the renowned original image of Beethoven using 30 distinct deep neural networks, with the goal of capturing the soul of his music. Matteo Ingrao’s Ratty Portrait is a one-of-a-kind exploration of recreating the physical aspects of the human body in order to attain self-acceptance.

You Say the WordsImage source: “Valuart x Vanity Fair – You Say The Words That I Can’t Say”the Plum Thief NFT Vanity Fair“Valuart x Vanity Fair – The Plum Thief”Ratty Portrait NFT“Valuart x Vanity Fair – Ratty Portrait”Vanity Fair Ludwig NFT“Valuart x Vanity Fair – Ludwig”

Final bidders of the four 1:1 NFTs may take use of a variety of APENFT perks, including:

(1) Annual subscription to Vanity Fair magazine in print; 

(2) APENFT’s Genesis NFT badge in a normal version; 

(3) Airdrops of TRX tokens; 

(4) Invitation to all offline VIP events and exhibits hosted by APENFT in 2022. 

APENFT’s Background

APENFT was officially established in Singapore on March 29, 2021, and is supported by the TRON blockchain’s underlying technology, as well as the world’s biggest distributed storage system, BitTorrent File System (BTFS). APENFT’s objective is to help the creator economy thrive while also sparking financial and cultural inclusiveness in the metaverse. Our goal is to perfectly merge the virtual and real worlds. The APENFT Foundation is the first NFT art foundation in the world to accept crossover purchases. We want to encourage inclusivity and diversity, widen our multimedia audience, and enhance involvement among all members by bridging dialogues between stakeholders in the conventional art world and the digital art community growing around NFTs. Our collection will be made accessible to the whole community in the future via a series of selected metaverse online exhibits.

As an example:

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