APENFT and Vanity Fair Reunite for Latest Valuart Collaboration

The new collaboration between Vanity Fair and APENFT aims to showcase the power of Puma’s blockchain technology. The two organizations aim to create a digital space through which consumers can get access to premium content in an exclusive way. In this case, it’s all about increasing engagement with both brands and their target audience

APENFT, a leading Tron-based NFT marketplace, has teamed up with Vanity Fair, a long-running fashion newspaper. Side in hand, we’re unveiling a new set of NFT covers from Valuart, a seasoned studio.

The fantastic collection has five different NFTs that attempt to mix the worlds of art, entertainment, and crypto into one wonderfully designed technicolor bundle, showcasing the extraordinary skill of Valuart’s portfolio of artists.

The Isolationist, Coup of Grace, Von Doyl, and Matteo Ingrao’s designs were included in the first four objects that came on the blockchain as one-of-a-kind 1:1 replicas of the highest quality artwork. As a result, these four outstanding pieces made their debut on the APENFT marketplace at the end of May via a series of auctions. The beginning price was just $120, but it quickly grew to an incredible $24,599 – $26,476, with all bids made using the Tron native coin $TRX.

Owners of these future APENFT ecosystem artifacts will enjoy a variety of good benefits. Holders will get a Vanity Fair yearly membership, an APENFT badge, TRX airdrops, and VIP admission to IRL events in addition to an APENFT badge. All of this is on top of the prestige of possessing a one-of-a-kind Vanity Fair artifact.

The cover image for ‘H.E. Justin Sun 2022’ is the fifth and last component of the jigsaw. This time, it’ll be available in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces, commemorating the achievements of the Tron creator. It may now be purchased for 999 $TRX via APENFT.

Take a look at the H.E. Justin Sun 2022 NFTs >> Here


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