ANYMA Leverages NFTs to Bring High Quality Visuals to EDM Concerts

Fans of electronic dance music (EDM) have been lacking in some ways since the early days. Artists, including DJ’s and producers, used to make their own visuals to accompany their live performance; but now with everything being done digitally and using software like Ableton Live it has become difficult for artists who don’t have extensive knowledge of programming or design skills to create visual content that can be enjoyed while they perform.

ANYMA is a blockchain-based platform that leverages the NFTs to bring high quality visuals to EDM concerts. It also uses its own cryptocurrency, “anyma opensea”, which is used as a payment method.

Matteo Milleri, a world-renowned producer and one half of the groundbreaking musical duo Tale of Us, will employ NFTs to power live music visuals. As a consequence, by bringing a self-financing medium into the procedures, the quality of the digital images will be improved.

Payment for any visuals used at an EDM event was traditionally made on a commission basis, resulting in a large spend with no way to reclaim those money. As a result, the images during such events will never be able to realize its full potential. Matteo will harness the power of the non-fungible, utilizing a medium that he can trade after the event and use the money to support additional projects and pay the artists, to get around this and generate high-quality graphics.


Matteo has integrated the colossal NFT, Eva 0, into his ANYMA solo project, where the magnificent robot creation takes center stage, towering over the joyful partygoers, to highlight the immense potential.

With the help of Alessio De Vecchi, a very brilliant visual artist, Matteo sees a future where artists have the time and resources to put their skills to the test, creating a luxurious musical universe where every beat has a visual equivalent.

Check out Eva 0 on SuperRare >> Here


The “superrare anyma” is a new token that the ANYMA project has created. It allows artists to sell their tickets and merchandise at a higher price point. The token also gives fans the opportunity to buy exclusive VIP passes, meet-and-greets, and more.

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