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The $PMON team is announcing the launch of a new NFT farm that will allow users to collect hundreds of unique rare, limited edition and highly sought after items from popular games.

The “how to sell polychain monsters on opensea” is an article that announces the $PMON — $PMLG Farm. The farm allows users to trade their NFTs for PMLG tokens.

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Set your $PMON on the line to earn $PMLG and begin your quest to possess your own Genesis Island.


If you’ve been following up with our recent announcements, you may remember the launch of our new Play-to-Earn game Polychain Islands, as well as one of its main mechanics — land ownership.

The Polychain Islands — and hence the Polychain Monsters ecology — have one of the most prized assets: land. Land is separated into islands, each of which is backed by an NFT, allowing them to be traded, sold, and otherwise freely accessed, much like the rest of the components in the current Polychain Monsters world. The Genesis Islands are the earliest iteration of these islands, and there are only 1,000 of them each archipelago.

Through a new currency called $PMLG, community members may own their own Genesis Island (Polychain Monsters Land Genesis). A claim to one of these exceedingly rare Genesis Islands may be made immediately by exchanging 1,000,000 $PMLG.

Because our community members engage in a number of ways inside the Polychain Monsters ecosystem, we created $PMLG to recognize and reward these various gathering techniques. As a result, there will be three separate methods to obtain $PMLG tokens in the end:

  1. Our collector stakers may claim a portion of the overall $PMLG supply each week based on their collector scores.
  2. Staking $PMON on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon may get you a piece of the entire $PMLG supply.
  3. Our Polymon booster packs will include a portion of the overall $PMLG supply.

We’re excited to announce that our new $PMON-$PMLG farm is currently accepting stakes in exchange for $PMLG tokens.

The new farm may be seen on our farming website, which is located at

It works As an example: stake your $PMON on the $PMON-$PMLG farm, and you’ll be rewarded with $PMLG tokens based on how much $PMON you’re staking in comparison to the total quantity of $PMON in the farming pool.

The following is how the $PMLG Staking Rewards are split between Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon:

  • BNB Smart Chain offers a 50% stake reward.
  • Polygon has a 30% stake reward.
  • Ethereum rewards staking at a rate of 20%.

After a year, the Staking Reward Distribution reduces by 10% every month, resulting in 70% being minted.

You may withdraw your $PMON from the pool at any moment, but there are certain restrictions if you do so too soon after you first staked.

A 20% withdrawal fee (of the withdrawn $PMON) will be remitted to a Wild Polymon fund if you withdraw your $PMON within 30 days after staking (e.g. funding for Polychain Islands rewards).

For example, you staked 20 $PMON, withdrew it right away, and received only 16 PMON in return; 4 $PMON were placed into the Wild Polymon fund.

A 2.5 percent withdrawal fee (of the withdrawn $PMON) will be remitted to a Wild Polymon fund if you withdraw your $PMON after more than 30 days but within 90 days after staking.

Your withdrawal is entirely free after 90 days of staking.

While the staking feature for the $PMON-$PMLG farm has already been activated, the reward generation will commence on Monday, March 7th, at 8.00 AM UTC. This allows everyone to stake their $PMON ahead of time in order to obtain the best (and earliest) prizes at the start. The sooner you stake, the bigger the benefits you may get, since the quantity of $PMLG created by the farm reduces with time.

On both PancakeSwap and QuickSwap, we supplied early liquidity for PMLG. As a result, you may begin trading PMLG right now.

PMLG’s official contract address is:


As an example:

As if Loading…

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The “polychain monsters binance” is a new cryptocurrency that has been created by the Polychain Capital. It is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that allows users to trade in digital assets. This is a new way of doing things, and it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

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