[Announcement] Claim NEER Reward, Upcoming Events & Roadmap

Neer is a crypto that uses the Ethereum blockchain, and provides users with store of value in an open market. In order to claim its rewards, you need to create a wallet first. You can find more information about Neer at https://neercoin.com/.

The “defi warrior white paper” is the official white paper that outlines the project’s roadmap, upcoming events, and more. The team has also released a new cryptocurrency called NEER that will be used to fund the project.


  • Request a NEER Reward
  • What Will Happen Next?
  • Roadmap of 2022 & Early 2023
  • Updates on Recent Development

Pioneer Crowdloan Contributors may begin claiming their NEER reward right now at this link:


Token NEER


Please see the screenshots for the instructions.

Step 1

Click Claim Token NEER button


Step 2


The system will schedule a request for NEER distribution when you claim your prize; please wait up to 48 hours for tokens to be sent to your wallet.

By claiming any prize, you agree to the website’s terms and conditions. (Transfer will be allowed in the near future; for additional information, read the roadmap below.)

Step 3



Make a Balance Check

Users of the Ledger

As Ledger doesn’t currently support Parachains, including Bit.Country Pioneer Network, it won’t be possible to claim your $Token NEERs using the Reward Claim page, if you used Ledger.

Our technical team is presently working on a solution for our community members who utilized Ledger so that they may claim their tokens to a different wallet instead of waiting for Ledger to support our network.

In around three weeks, a Ledger-specific method will be available.

Users of Exchange

Once their own infrastructure is complete, the exchanges will go through the claiming procedure and begin distributing to their users. Keep an eye out for future announcements.

Please see our documentation center for additional information on the token scheduling.


We will deploy the protocol portal Dapp of Metaverse.Network and allow token transfer on Pioneer after the token distribution and audit.

The Metaverse.Network protocol site is currently being finalized and tested by the team. NEER users may mine BIT via the portal web app.

ME101, the network’s default Machine Economy model, is an economic instrument for constructing and expanding future communities, and both NEER and BIT are necessary to engage in a variety of use cases accessible in ME101.

In ME101, users would be able to mine for resources using BIT & NEER and use them to obtain NFTs that have various utilities in the metaverse(s).

For example, you may mine an Avatar’s or wearable’s NFT, or an NFT that has the authority to perform specific services in ME101.

We will make more details available when ME101 & the portal Dapp go live in April / May 2022.


The following is a timeline of events that will occur in 2022 and early 2023.

Genesis of the Protocol


  • Event to Generate Tokens (Now)
  • Claim the NEER Reward (Now)
  • Launch of the Metaverse Network Portal App (April/May 2022) – Mining Rate / BIT – Machine Economy – Staking – Staking – Staking – Staking – Staking – Staking – S — Publication of ME101 procedures — Power Distributor — Getting Charged — Power Generator — Distributing Power — Elements — Special Items
  • Transfer should be enabled.

Mining & Trading Era (~ May 2022)

In this era, users could be able to use the feature Bit.Country NFT, Store & Marketplace. Here is a sequence of events that will happen in this period.


On the Metaverse Network Portal App, a screenshot of the mining ability is shown.

  • Publish guidelines – Avatars, wearables, and 3D asset specifications
  • Mining for unique NFT Collections – Using ME101 resources
  • NFT collection authoring Governance – minting NFT
  • Your local Metaverse Store for exchanging owner collections – A global Marketplace listing

(June/July 2022) The Engine Time


On Metaverse.Network, enable EVM.

  • Smart Contracts are a kind of contract that is used to
  • Framework for Windows XP

Pioneering in Kaosland (July/August 2022)


We’ll open up the planet for people to explore and experiment while we’re working constructing Kaosland, which has over 26000 stakeholders.

  • Launch Kaosland MVP – Allow Exploring (Read-only access) – Map & 3D world with initial assets – Scalability test
  • Release land transfer regulations — Enable claim land unit — The method for claiming land unit reward
  • Enable local store – NFT & land sale
  • Allow users to develop land.

(February / March 2023) is the Age of Exploration.

Users would be allowed to establish their own metaverse during this time, with an initial feature set sufficient to engage and expand their communities.

  • Metaverse Invented by Users
  • Onboarding new metaverse launchers & users
  • Map, 3D World, and Construction
  • Governance
  • Marketplace

Taking into consideration community interests, hazards, and stability, the team may make changes to the dates and priorities.

At the same time, we’ll provide standards for avatars, wearables, and 3D asset spec; as well as the user-created games API/SDK. We’ll also be working on Bit.Country Parallel’s desktop development.

Do you want to learn more about the Bit.Country Metaverse Network?

Website | Twitter | Medium | LinkedIn | Facebook | Telegram | Discord | Documentation | Website | Twitter | Medium | LinkedIn | Facebook | Telegram | Discord | Documentation

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