Animoca Brands Brings the Hockenheimring to the REVV Ecosystem

The REVV Ecosystem is a decentralized ecosystem that allows anyone to create and share their own digital collectibles, with no middleman. The platform lets participants trade in-game items for cryptocurrency without paying high transaction fees or going through an intermediary. To kick off the launch of its blockchain powered gaming platform, Animoca Brands has announced it will be bringing one of the most prestigious racing tracks on earth – Hockenheimring – into virtual reality.

Animoca Brands is a blockchain startup that has brought the Hockenheimring to the REVV Ecosystem. The company will be using the REVV token as a payment method for all of its services.

Animoca Brands, a pioneering Web3 behemoth, has signed an exclusive license agreement with the legendary Hockenheimring racing track. As a consequence, the historic racing site will become part of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem.

Animoca Brands will use the effort to duplicate all of its curves, straights, and chicanes in its REVV metaverse. As a result, REVV Racing, MotoGP Ignition, Formula E: High Voltage, and Torque Drift 2 gamers will be able to put their skills to the test on the iconic tarmac.

Aside from the racing, fans will be able to own pieces of the Hockenheimring as NFTs, which will allow owners to receive passive income from the assets based on any revenue earned by the track. As a consequence, holders of Hockenheimring NFTs will get a percentage of admission fees, sponsorship agreements, and event income for any activity involving the track.

The Hockenheimring racetrack has joined the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, thanks to Animoca Brands.

@GermanGrandPrix Hockenheimring welcomes you!

We’re looking forward to what the REVV Motorsport ecosystem has in store!

Click the following link for additional information:

May 2, 2022 — REVV Motorsport (@REVVMotorsport)

“It’s an honor to welcome the Hockenheimring to our racing game metaverse.” REVV Motorsport game players will be able to compete on one of the world’s most prestigious tracks, as well as have genuine digital ownership over sectors of the virtual racetrack, with all the advantages it entails.” – Yat Siu, Animoca Brands

The consequence of this wonderful relationship will be a whole new means of fan involvement, as well as a new following for the renowned 90-year-old racecourse.


The “animoca brands revenue” is a token that will be used in the REVV Ecosystem. The idea behind this token is to bring the Hockenheimring to the ecosystem.

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