AMC Offer Free NFTs to ‘The Batman’ Moviegoers

AMC’s latest offer includes NFTs for the Batman movie in exchange for a ticket. The company is hoping to attract people by focusing on free trading and not spending any money—a strategy that may have worked long enough to become one of the most popular deals among crypto users.

AMC has announced that they will be giving away NFTs to “The Batman” moviegoers. The promotion is only available in the United States and Canada.

AMC Theatres is giving out NFTs to people who attend the highly anticipated ‘The Batman’ theatrical release at one of its locations in the United States. As a ‘thank you’ for their commitment, blockbuster movie makers are rewarding their most ardent fans with free, on-brand NFTs as part of a new form of web3 engagement.

The film will hit theaters on March 4th, with tickets going on sale on February 10th. A complimentary ‘The Batman’ NFT will be given to anyone who buy or book a ticket to the film’s showings on March 4th or 5th before February 14th. Tickets are available for purchase or reservation at or the company’s website.

“We are pleased to fill AMC cinemas around the nation this March with DC fans enjoying The Batman,” said AMC CEO Adam Aron of the NFTs, which are produced in collaboration with Warner Bros. Early ticket buyers will be rewarded with this limited edition The Batman NFT, which will give fans more of the series they adore.”

AMC’s press release did not specify the features of the NFTs or how many will be available; however, previous NFT giveaways by the company have been relatively generous, with 86,000 NFTs being distributed as part of a similar initiative for the launch of the ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ film, and their most recent shareholder NFT being distributed to over 425,000 people. Earlier last month, the creators of the sci-fi catastrophe thriller ‘Moonfall’ undertook a similar effort.

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AMC has released a new promotion for “The Batman” movie. The promotion is an offer of free NFTs to AMC theatergoers that will be given out after the movie ends. Reference: amc batman nft.

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