AMA #Recap — Drunk Robots x GGG

The first ever #AMA with Drunk Robots, a cocktail of Crypto and GGG

We joined the Good Games Guild Discord Server on March 2nd, 2022 at 12:00 pm (UTC) to engage with their community and answer a variety of questions on the Drunk Robots purpose, technology, progress on the trip so far, latest updates, and future plans. Den, our Game Producer, took part in a particularly spectacular AMA session, where he honestly welcomed the community and discussed Drunk Robots in further detail.

If you were unable to attend the live AMA, read the following summary to learn more about the Drunk Robots project:

Drunk Robots will feature enthralling gameplay, which will be as follows:

1. Brawls in PvP

Do you have what it takes to defeat those rowdy, inebriated robots? During each PvP season, compete against other players to reach the leaderboards. Players will be awarded at the conclusion of each season depending on their division and rating, with the greatest players receiving the largest rewards.

2. Excursions

Explore Los Machines in pursuit of precious materials (and, of course, beer), but be aware of the many foes you’ll encounter along the way! If you can make it through an Expedition, you’ll be rewarded with $MTL tokens or things like equipment, weapons, cosmetics, and consumables.

3. rummaging

The people that formerly inhabited Los Machines left behind a plethora of treasures, which you may seek for with your robot. Completing mining operations will reward you with a container containing weapons or equipment.

Drunken Races

Build your own carriage from of several cart kinds and wheels, then compete in inebriated races with up to 9 other players in a single race.

Mini-Games (5)

To engage in the first four activities on this list, you’ll need to buy an NFT robot, but Drunk Robots also contains free-to-play informal games that everyone may enjoy. To get a container containing weapons or equipment, you must complete a set number of these mini-games each week.

The majority of the game’s functions are handled by the backend, and you only need to access blockchain in certain situations, such as checking whether you have NFT in your wallet and depositing/withdrawing the token. So, if anything goes wrong, we’ll be able to fix it in a matter of hours. In terms of the audit, we’ll be doing it shortly for the token. We’ll let you know when it’s finished.

We have three co-founders: Slava, Vladimir, and another Slava, all of whom have extensive experience in blockchain and other industries. We have employees from organizations like Playstation, Nintendo, DeNA, Wargaming, and IGG, as well as those who worked on Halo Online and Lineage2. Ubisoft provided the principal game designer. They’re all well-versed in their fields and have impressive resumes.

We noticed that the metaverse and Play-to-Earn games provide a possibility for individuals from all over the world to finally earn extra money, or perhaps change jobs and acquire access to capital they didn’t have previously. We wish to provide millions of individuals with the option to play for fun and profit in the metaverse.

In October 2021, we released our first Free-to-Play game, as well as two Play-to-Earn games: Scavenging (where you may stake your NFT and earn) and PvP (where you can combat up to 6 versus 6 robots with other players). In terms of the relationship, we’ve got some big names on board:

Animoca Brands is number one. Merit Circle No. 2 Shima Capital is number three. 4. Good Games Guild 5. is number six. DEX ventures (7) Moonrock Capital is number eight on the list. Liquidifty is number nine, while Faraland is number ten. Wanakafarm is a farm in Wanaka, New Zealand. Polygon (12.) Polygon Studios (nineteen) Binance NFT is number fourteen. Co-Founders (15. 1 inch)

We’re now hard at work on the future versions of PvP, which will allow you to utilize the $METAL token. I’m also working on the second free-to-play game, which is being developed in Unity and looks fantastic. Drunk Races is the new game mode. It’s possible that mobile applications may be available by the end of April, including a second mini-game and PVP mode (both of them are developed with Unity)

On April 7, we will have IDO, which will take place on three launchpads: Liquidifty, Gamefi, and Trustpad. Check out our schedule here:

The dual token ecosystem is what we use. The game’s primary token is called $METAL. Users may spend $METAL to trade in-game things on the marketplace, advance their characters and equipment, fight in the PVP arena, enter races, and more. Because of its broad usefulness, the token is highly sought by the community. In terms of token inflation, we’re concerned with the tokenomic, and there are certain burn rates for TAXes and other activities, all of which is supported by the main games. The whole tokenomics system is discussed in detail here:

We’ve already sold out of our whole collection, so you’ll have to wait until after IDO and the game token release to acquire a robot on the secondary market. However, for the time being, you may play the Free-to-Play games.

Other than playing the game, there are other methods to gain prizes on the site. You may stake your NFT (one of your robots) and then sit back and wait for it to earn tokens. It’s working, and people are taking advantage of it; about 4000 individuals are now scavenging.

We’re doing beta testing for all of our subscribers. To remain engaged, just join our Discord and Twitter channels. We’re also working on a scholarship scheme that will be pretty straightforward (even now you can give your login and password for the gaming dashboard and be sure that no one can steal your NFT).

We built Free-to-Play mini-games to encourage widespread adoption. Right now, you may sample one of them at Aside from that, we’ll be adding free robots that you won’t be able to sell and that have certain limits, but will still allow you to make money. In addition, for individuals who do not own a robot or cart, Drunk Races will have a rental system. We can attract a large number of gamers by using free-to-play options and robots.

In terms of aesthetics, we are really ane. Here’s a link to our gallery:

Creating a sense of community is really important to us. The most vital factor is trust; without it, you won’t be able to create a product that will last a long time. We provide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are always willing to assist gamers. Despite the fact that we are employing a platform where players may submit suggestions or debate the existing plan,

We are confident that there will be a demand for the token within the game, given the variety of activities available. Everyone will be able to find something they enjoy, and all of these activities will be backed by a token, allowing you to earn money while also allowing you to obtain other aspects that are important to you, such as cosmetics.

The Guild of Good Games

Good Games Guild is a gaming hub with the goal of sponsoring millions of play-to-earn players, investing in play-to-earn games and their in-game assets, and developing tools to improve the future of gaming and the metaverse.

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