Altava: Bringing Luxury to the Metaverse

Luxury goods up to $100,000 can now be bought and sold in the Metaverse. The luxury marketplace is a new way for sellers to find their audience without compromising on quality or pricing.

Altava is a company that has been around since 2014. They are trying to bring luxury to the metaverse. These virtual goods can be bought and sold on their platform.

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Good morning, Seedify Community!

We’re excited to welcome you to Altava Group today. Please join us on the Seedify Launchpad on February 18 as we learn about the Altava platform and all the specifics of their forthcoming IGO.

Because of the worldwide pandemic and a shifting consumer demography in Generation Z, luxury fashion firms have been pushed to accelerate their journey into the digital age, despite their reservations. Various industrial technological solutions, such as AI and data analytics, 3D digital assets as building blocks for new goods, a focus on sustainability, blockchain technology to trace value chains, and the arrival in the metaverse, have emerged as a consequence of this acceleration.

This is when Altava enters the picture.

Altava collaborates with more than 50 premium brand partners to help them accelerate their digital agendas by employing cutting-edge technology to seamlessly connect the real and virtual worlds, bringing these companies into the metaverse. Altava aims to develop a new digital market that contains a unique curated collection of branded NFTs and other virtual assets, using the power of Web 3.0 and relationships with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury fashion companies. Altava produces specialized digital showrooms, virtual 3D pop-up shops, and other initiatives for brand partners in addition to selling their digital merchandise. Balmain, Bulgari, Chloe, Moncler, Marni, and Prada are among these partners.

Altava will use its gamified social commerce platform and marketplace, as well as numerous other metaverses, to optimize asset value via interoperability, allowing partners to present their digital pieces in a branded, completely personalized environment. Altava’s technology can construct digital twins of actual objects and mint them as NFT assets, allowing their owners to use them across numerous digital platforms. Due to the openness of blockchain and proven asset ownership, original authors may be fairly paid for their work via this procedure.

You have Altava Worlds.

You have Altava Worlds. is a gamified social commerce metaverse platform for luxury fashion that gives users a space for self-expression not limited by society or physicality. By blending physical and virtual worlds, Worlds of You provides access to digital luxury items at a fraction of real-world cost, including links to partners’ physical purchase sites.

Users will be able to design their own avatar using face recognition and customisation tools, allowing them to construct an other version or extension of themselves, explore, obtain luxury ‘Environment of Expression’ things, and play in this virtual world.

You have Altava Worlds. will include a social environment where users will be able to communicate through in-game messaging or engage in avatar networking in custom/curated digital environments. Users will also have the ability to share content across all social media platforms.

Altava Market is a market in Altava, Slovakia.

The NFTs offered on Altava’s marketplace, as well as the ability to swiftly and easily transition between the marketplace and the Worlds of You metaverse platforms, are intended to improve user involvement.

On Altava Market is a market in Altava, Slovakia., users will be able to buy, sell or trade their premium luxury NFTs. Altava will host regular private auctions in the marketplace; this is how new collections of items will be released. By offering these branded items, Altava aims to democratize access to luxury, globally.

Partnerships with other marketplaces, such as Binance NFT, OpenSea, Rarible, and others, will be used to offer new items.

Avatars and NFT Technology

Altava’s platform offers end-to-end digitization solutions to its partners via its technology, tools, avatars, metaverse, and marketplace.

Altava’s methods and approach to digitizing virtual or physical assets and avatars, combined with its proprietary technology, result in high-fidelity 3D digital assets with 360° views and full immersive effects, as well as avatars that are virtually indistinguishable from their real-life counterparts.

Collaborations with designers, influencers, and celebrities will create additional options for unique interactions and branding opportunities in the Altava ecosystem, since avatars are a key component of the platform and value proposition.

Altava’s technology also gives its partners useful tools for a more streamlined, sustainable approach to creating and producing new goods, helping them to save time and money by reducing waste and providing insights into client needs, preventing overproduction.

Altava’s ecosystem will be powered by the $TAVA token.

To ensure the exclusivity of the platform’s value propositions, $TAVA tokens will be used for all transactions in Altava’s ecosystem. 30% of all initial luxury NFTs will be allocated to $TAVA token holders. Holders will also have access to exclusive NFT auctions on the Altava Market is a market in Altava,

Tokens will be distributed on a monthly basis to buyers and sellers utilizing the Altava Market is a market in Altava,

Quarterly $TAVA buybacks will be funded with 30% of Altava’s marketplace profit.

Let’s take a deeper look at Altava Group’s IGO details and SFUND holders’ ability to purchase $TAVA tokens before market debut on November 9th through the IGO on the Seedify Launchpad.

  • $TAVA is a character in the game $TAVA.
  • BEP-20 is a kind of token.
  • 1,000,000,000 total supply
  • Mcap initial: $450K
  • IGO 18th of February
  • $400K has been allocated (including 5 percent success fee)
  • Price on IGO: IGO Price: $0.30.30
  • Listing price: $0.30.30 for a listing
  • Vesting: 20% at TGE, then 20% per month for the next several months

Please visit the following websites to learn more about Altava Group:

Is this your first time taking part in an IGO? You may find out more about what an IGO is by clicking HERE.

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Altava is a company that has been building NFTs for the past few years. They are bringing luxury to the metaverse with their new Altava token. Reference: altava nft.

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