All You Need to Know About the WoW x The Fabricant Collab

The WoW x The Fabricant collaboration is a game-changer that will shape the future of collectible gaming. We break down what this new title means for designers, players and consumers alike

The “the fabricant studio” is a collaboration between the WoW and The Fabricant. It was created by the two companies to promote their new game, “The Fabricant”.

Digital fashion firm with a decentralized structure The Fabricant and NFT initiative World of Women (WoW) have teamed together to draw more women into the Web3 realm by bringing fashion into the metaverse. As a result, The Fabricant and WoW are asking all Web3 female groups to collaborate on creating distinctive NFT clothes. All participants will share the revenues from the co-created NFTs.

Each unique outfit will be airdropped to WoW holders before to the formal launch of the co-creation platform Fabricant Studio. The airdropped NFT is based on the holder’s existing NFT, after which they may go to the Fabricant Studio and create their own 1/1 NFT from the 27-piece selection.

The Fabricant Studio will be open to WoW and The Fabricant NFT holders, as well as major Web3 female groups, on May 23rd. They may exchange their NFT in the marketplace and wear it in the metaverse via the Fabricant Studio. To top it off, there will be a fashion party in Decentraland at the end of June, followed by an IRL event in NFT NYC.

World Of Women is a 10,000-piece NFT collection honoring representation, inclusion, and equal chances for everyone, with a floor price of 7.73 ETH (at the time of writing). It is a leader in the NFT area as well as female-led ventures.

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The “the fabricant jobs” is a new type of NFT that has been created by the WoW team. It’s a job, and you can earn money by completing it.

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