All Eyes on AMC and Orange Comet for Grisly Walker Access Pass Reveal

Orange Comet’s Access Pass for AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead” is an exciting new way to experience the TV series. The pass will be sold on a limited basis and come with its own digital wallet, which can hold any ERC-721 asset!

In the deepest recesses of the blockchain, ominous rumblings have resurfaced. Orange Comet, along with AMC, is gearing up for the gruesome Walking Dead premiere. As a result, owners of the highly desired ‘Walker Access Pass’ will soon discover the full worth of their spine-chilling possessions when the horrifying contents of their repulsive acquisition finally touch the NFT universe.

Orange Comet released 5,000 spine-tingling NFTs of utmost repulsiveness earlier this month, and they sold out almost instantly as fans clamoured ominously to join in on the action. However, each access card has stayed the same since since, as an animation revolves around its many incarnations.

This is about to change, as Orange Comet turns the wheel of discovery, exposing the horrible walking corpses lying in their digital wallets to its huge army of token holders. As a result, the legions of the undead will emerge from their digital cells with tremendous dread, tempered with a smidgeon of terror, and a morbid sense of fascination, to take their proper position on the macabre blockchain. On March 18, everything will change when the death’s hollow-eyed slaves take center stage once again.

Scarcity that makes your blood boil

The undead will rise from the depths in 10 distinct designs, each with five degrees of scarcity, each symbolizing the worst of the Walking Dead world. Mighty corpses with the ability to wipe out the human species with a merciless torrent of devastation.

Uncommon — These decrepit creatures make up 75% of the collection, and they come in five various forms, including Pantry Walker, Well Walker, Riot Gear Walker, Gasmask Walker, and Charred Walker. All in the same number and with the same heinous stylings.

Rare – With an attitude that will fear even the most battle-hardened warriors, and including the ever-resilient Scavenger Walker, owners will do well not to go too near, or it may mark the end of the world as they know it.

Super Rare — ‘Bicycle Girl,’ the first ever on-screen animated deceased in the series, will occupy 8% of wallets. This thoughtless, torso-less sculpture is designed to make people’s stomachs turn just by looking at it.

Then there’s the most notorious of zombie monsters, which has been the source of nightmares since its initial appearance in the Walking Dead world. With just 5% of collectors acquiring either the jet black ‘Onyx’ or the icy ethereal ‘Ice’ editions, the collection is bolstered by the violent, unstoppable power of ‘Winslow.’

Legendary – The legendary Gold Winslow is right at the top, ready to grace only the luckiest of all zombie loving, rambling corpse worshipping collectors. This gold-plated collectable of extreme fury, which is dubbed a ‘unicorn’ in Walking Dead stakes, makes up just 1% of all assets, with only 50 of these strong warriors in existence.

The Walking Dead AMC Orange Comet NFT

So stock up on your Walking Dead-themed carnivorous souvenirs, sit back, and watch as the contents are disclosed with macabre curiosity. The 18th of March is actually the Day of the Dead, when evil appears and dread is the blockchain’s currency.

Grisly Utility for a Lifetime

The Walker Access Pass is more than a repulsive picture; owners will get access to a plethora of stomach-churning privileges. All passes are treated equally in terms of usefulness. As a result, holders will be eligible for five exclusive drops over the following 12 months, as well as a one-hour head start on the competition in all public drops.

The heinous benefits don’t stop there, as their masters are in line for a slew of real-life chances, including incredible Walking Dead experiences, unique content, and fantastic goods. Finally, each ticket will get early access to the gruesome Walking Dead Metaverse, which is slated to stain the virtual world with the blood of its victims by the end of 2022.

Fans and collectors alike are looking to the blockchain for a huge souvenir as the Walking Dead freight train rumbles towards its epic end. A horrible memory of their harrowing survival adventure through a world where danger lurks around every turn.

So, what could be more gruesome than a gruesome depiction of the murdering dead, meticulously recreated in high quality down to the shredded skin and ungazing eyes? Before the big unveiling, here is your final opportunity to get that horrific piece of cannibalistic NFT history. Remember that NFTs of this caliber may never return to the blockchain.

Browse the Walker Access Pass collection on OpenSea >> Here


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