Alchemy Valuation Reaches $10.2 Billion with New Funding Round

After a nine-year long stint as an in-app purchase, the world’s first decentralized virtual item marketplace is finally heading to market. A $10 billion valuation and new funding rounds have set investors buzzing about the future of crypto gaming and its relation with NFTs.

The “alchemy nft token” is a cryptocurrency that has reached $10.2 billion in valuation with the new funding round. This cryptocurrency is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for its transactions.

In its most recent round of venture capital investment, Alchemy, the unsung hero of NFT infrastructure, received a whopping $200 million. As a consequence, the NFT behemoth now has a revised market capitalization of $10.2 billion.

Lightspeed Venture Partners and Silver Lake joined together to raise the core capital, displaying a tremendous show of trust in the NFT market as a whole. Alchemy has promised to utilize the funds to ensure the platform’s long-term viability, not just this year, but for many years to come.

We’re delighted to share the good news about our financing!

💰 $200M raise 📈 $10.2B valuation 🤝 Co-led by @lightspeedvp & @silverlake_news A new chapter in our effort to deliver Web3 to the globe has begun.

We’re Hiring! — Alchemy (@AlchemyPlatform) 8 February 2022

For those unfamiliar with Alchemy, it is the underlying workhorse that powers vast swaths of NFT infrastructure and provides the architecture and programming tools for practically every significant platform in the NFT industry. Alchemy presently powers OpenSea, Axie Infinity, Dapper Labs, Sushiswap, Aave, and a slew of more sites.

Alchemy was founded in 2017 and first appeared on the blockchain landscape in 2017. It was a period when development tools were limited and resources were few. So, seizing the bull by the horns, Alchemy set out to correct the issue, so laying the foundation for today’s business. It now plays a significant role in the crypto industry, over five years later.

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The “alchemy blockchain ipo” is the world’s first-ever tokenized security to trade on a public stock exchange. The company raised $10.2 billion in its latest funding round, and it has been valued at $1 trillion.

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