AGE of SAM Creating a Multi-Project Hold-to-Earn Utility Experience

AGE of SAM is a New York-based company building the future with crypto and making NFTs more accessible than ever before. In order to provide their unique utility experience, AGE has created an initial coin offering for a hold-to-earn token that allows its users to purchase game assets at discounts throughout the year.

As much as Ethereum is adored and sought after, many people are fed up with the exorbitant gas prices and sluggish transactions, and we’ve just seen an influx of new NFT initiatives emerge on the Solana blockchain. AGE of SAM (AOS) is one such effort, with the goal of transporting individuals who survived the ‘Great Gas War’ of 2021 to the moon and beyond.

What is SAM’s AGE?

SAM NFTs are referred to as “SAM,” and each SAM is an astronaut with a face that represents one of 12 different Solana NFT projects known as “Factions.” There will be 10,000 SAM NFTs in all, all cloned from these Factions’ best DNA. Each SAM is made by a machine, and no two are similar.

SAM is a nod to the fictional astronaut Sam Bell from the film Moon. Sam, like your own SAM, journeys to the Moon in the movie. Solarium Autonomous Miner is the abbreviation for Solarium Autonomous Miner.



You will be able to use your SAM NFT to mine $SOLARIUM via Moon Missions. Each Moon Mission will last one week during which time your SAM will be busy $SOLARIUM $SOLARIUM $SOLARIUM $SOLARI. The amount of $SOLARIUM mined will be based on the rank of the SAM NFT; Scout, Technician, Engineer, Scientist, and the rarest, Commander.

The $SOLARIUM coins produced during Moon Missions will be used as a governance token and will give future value by granting exclusive access to Moon Base mints, as well as a secret utility that will be disclosed after minting.

Then there’s the hold-to-earn feature, which allows you to raise your mined $SOLARIUM by up to 2X if you hold an NFT from any of the Factions represented by 12 distinct Solana NFTs in the AGE of SAM mythology. For example, if you have a Solpunk and send your Solpunk SAM on a Moon Mission, you will mine twice as much $SOLARIUM.

The AOS team is actively forming relationships with other leading Solana projects in order to enhance the hold-to-earn experience and create awareness about decentralized finance, play-to-earn games, music, and other Solana blockchain applications. So keep an eye out for the release!

The Lore

The world was freezing. The sun had lost all of its warmth and vitality. The only life that remained on the planet was far under its surface, far below what could be seen with the naked eye. The Great Gas War killed a lot of people.

Following the collapse of House Ether, the surviving 12 factions continued to fight for Solarium, the most valuable of all resources. The only way to exist for those who did survive was in subterranean cities. House SOL was formed when the surviving factions banded together to establish an unified alliance.

They detected enormous concentrations of Solarium on the dark side of the moon, which had been swept over by the burnt-out sun’s solar winds. 10,000 Solarium Autonomous Miners (SAM) were cloned from the best DNA donated by each of the 12 factions using a groundbreaking method known as minting. They were to journey to the dark side of the moon to extract Solarium, the universe’s most valuable material.

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