Access Your Favorite NFT Art on New StreamNFT Channel for Roku TV

StreamNFT is a new crypto-only channel that allows users to watch their favorite NFTs on the Roku TV platform. You can access your favorites from StreamNFT in this article with instructions!

The “roku nft” is a new channel that allows users to access their favorite NFTs on the Roku TV. The “NFTs Crypto” is an app that allows for easy upload of your NFTs onto the channel and watching them without having to leave the home screen.

Imagine being able to access all of your favorite NFT paintings, as well as all of the relevant data, through your TV, all in one spot, with just one click. With the introduction of NFT Labs’ first Connected TV (CTV) application, StreamNFT, this is now a reality. Web3 integration and an emphasis on one-of-a-kind digital art will be features of StreamNFT.

Over half a million NFTs from the most prominent art markets, including Foundation, Nifty Gateway, Rarible, and SuperRare, have been indexed by the channel. To bring out the greatest material on CTV, the chosen NFTs were organized, sorted, and rated. Registered users may “Like,” “Dislike,” and “Pin” artwork inside a Stream, allowing NFT Labs to fine-tune and adapt the stream to the viewer’s preferences.

In the StreamNFT Channel, users may access information such as title, description, created date, marketplace of origin, and latest selling price. When viewing an NFT in the Channel, just press “up” or “down” to get the information. For simplicity of comprehension, StreamNFT also displays the price of the NFT’s most recent sale, converted to dollars.

On all Roku-enabled streaming devices and Roku platform televisions, StreamNFT operates on an estimated 60 million Roku-enabled TVs in the market today, with compatibility for resolutions ranging from 720p to 2160p 4K. It’s made for both regular Roku users and NFT aficionados, with a variety of customizing possibilities.

The channels also employ a software-based approach that enables customers to easily and quickly mount their NFTs on a television. Installing StreamNFT from the Roku Channel Store and then signing in with your Ethereum-based wallet is how you do it. Your NFTs, including photos, music, and video, are instantly downloaded from the blockchain and optimized for display on your current television.

If you have a Roku device, you may add the StreamNFT Channel by searching for “NFT” on your device or by downloading it from here.

Learn more about StreamNFT >> Here


The “mint angry zombies nft” is a token that was created to represent the NFTs Crypto. The token can be used in the new StreamNFT channel for Roku TV.

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