Absorb a Piece of High Culture at the African Museum in Voxels

The African Museum in Voxels is a museum of the Middle Passage, where you can immerse yourself into history and explore this dark period of U.S. history through interactive exhibits

The “high culture definition” is a term that means something that is of high quality. The African Museum in Voxels offers a piece of high culture with its 3D printed sculptures.

There are many wonderful secret experiences in the metaverse that may be found by those who search far enough. To establish the scene, the African Museum, a structure of amazement and wonder, is prominently displayed in the Seoul area of the Voxels universe.

Meta-explorers will discover a huge celebration of the various dimensions of African art inside its revered walls, all contained within a superb three storey testimony to the creative triumphs of this wonderful continent. In reality, a brief glance inside demonstrates the talent of a diverse variety of Africa’s top digital artists.

Currently, this monument of creativity is home to two distinct experiences, with the Ubuntu gallery’s distinctive tones on the bottom level. The upper two levels honor the next generation of African-based artists with the elaborate “Forging the Future” collection, drawing inspiration from the magnificent “Rotate Exhibition,” which recognizes a new group of artists every week.

Additionally, those who go to the top will discover an internal party space replete with a DJ booth and “pool,” all activated by a cool public address system, ideal for procrastinating crypto journalists with too much free time.

Jump into the African Museum >> Here


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