Aavegotchi Turns to Aagriculture with Ingenious Farming Update

Aavegotchi, a game with in-game collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain that have their own market value, is looking to redefine how we farm.

Aavegotchi is a blockchain-based game that allows users to collect and trade virtual assets. The “Ingenious Farming Update” has introduced new farming mechanics, including the addition of a farmable creature called the Furbling. Read more in detail here: aavegotchi blog.

The Aavegotchi Society of bear-market resisting phantoms still makes people marvel in the most eerie area on the blockchain. This time, they used their incredible tactical prowess to introduce the Gotchiverse to a clever farming upgrade.

The adorable spooks will return to their modest agricultural beginnings in our most recent major upgrade, where they will toil honestly and harvest heavenly Alchemica rewards. All of this is being done to be ready for the looming invasion of the terrifying “Lickquidators,” the sly foe hiding in the Gotchiverse shadows.


Farming will soon be available in the Gotchiverse!

🚀 Prepare yourself for more installations, more games, and more FUN.

https://t.co/uRvGL7gQC6/full deets

Aavegotchi (@aavegotchi) July 9, 2022

When the amazing new feature goes online, three completely new installations will enter the ecosystem: “Harvesters” will gather the delectable Alchema, “Reservoirs” will store it, and “Makers” will enable improvements to the equipment. There will be distinct Harvesters and Reservoirs for each of the four Alchema during the procedure. Gamers may then empty their Alchemical silos once per eight hours after collecting and storing their materials.

Starting on July 20 at 10 a.m. EST on Polygon Mainnet, the clever group will try to trouble its community with a Discord party. However, individuals with a penchant for the paranormal may participate in the dry run one week early on the Mumbai Testnet.

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Alchemica is a farming game that has just released the “ingenious farming update.” The update includes new items, crops, and animals. Reference: alchemica aavegotchi.

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