A New Use of NFTs is Turning Digital Chairs into Physical Items you can Sit On

In the digital age, physical items are often devalued in comparison to their virtual counterparts. However, a new use for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is turning that notion on its head by converting intangible assets into tangible objects you can sit on. This could have significant implications for future blockchain adoption and games as well as other industries considering mass blockchain adoption.,

The “metaverse furniture nft” is a new use of NFTs. It is turning digital chairs into physical items you can sit on. This is done by embedding the metadata of the chair in an NFT and then transferring it to a physical object.

Y-Combinator is a venture capital firm that backs startups. Thehighkey design’s “CreaChairs” series is Aesthetic.com’s first project.

As the first project on the Y-Combinator-backed NFT platform Aesthetic.com, interior design company thehighkey unveils a set of 1000 procedurally produced metaverse-capable items. 8 of the series’ designs will be turned into full-scale real chairs and distributed to their owners in a digital version. This series connects the worlds of real-life furniture design with Web3.

Each chair is given in.GLB format for usage in video games, augmented reality, 3D software, metaverse environments, 3D printing, and full-scale manufacture. The assembled Lucky Chairs will be sold in an auction manner. For every 200 CreaChairs minted, one auction will be unlocked. As a consequence, manufacturing expenses are paid, and a new kind of crowdsourced design technique emerges.


The first two Lucky Chairs were sold for 3ETH ($9,000 USD) apiece in an online auction. This project will culminate in a CreaChairs exhibition at a location to be determined. However, this isn’t the only show at which the project will be displayed. One of the Lucky Chairs will also be on display at “Terrain Vague,” a Paris Metaverse Exhibition organized by WGTFLW, a French Design Publication (end of April) The public mint is now available on Aesthetic.com and can be found here.



thehighkey is a design firm that blurs the lines between digital and physical creation. John Vieweg, the company’s founder, is a versatile designer. His design work has been built on his architectural expertise, which he has supplemented with a focus on digital technologies.

Aesthetic is a word that has a lot of different meanings depending on who you ask.

For NFT creators, Aesthetic is a no-code platform. NFT producers may develop online communities, generate free and premium drops, share unique content with token holders, and administer their communities using Aesthetic’s end-to-end tools. Y Combinator, Paul Graham, SV Angel, A. Capital, Liquid2, Timothy Chen (Cosmos), and Dan Romero are among Aesthetic’s investors (Coinbase).

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The “nft furniture marketplace” is a new use of NFTs that has been turning digital chairs into physical items.

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