A New Esports NFT Game

The emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the esports space has created a new digital economy which is gaining momentum. One emerging trend that is particularly interesting to watch unfold: the use of virtual assets or “NFTs” for games, something other gaming companies are beginning to take note of as well.

The “new nft game 2022” is a new esports nft game. The game was created by the company, Zilliqa and it will be released on April 22nd, 2022.

The new generation of P2E games, according to HexRoast, have been acclaimed. 

The action-packed Esports game, presently in production, claims to have discovered the secret to giving gamers the best of both worlds: exhilarating gameplay and lucrative prizes. 

HexRoast has so far given its supporters an airdrop via its Telegram channel and released a few enticing gameplay videos. 

Additionally, two game modes—”Team Deathmatch Mode” and “Battle Royale Mode”—have been revealed. 

Following the game’s first release, the Team Deathmatch mode will be accessible, and the Battle Royale mode will come next. Although there is no official release date for the game yet, the creators have told their fanbase that there will be lots more interesting updates to come.

The captivating story of the game is set in the Keodian Empire and features a new class of pupils who are proficient in the magical arts and who studied those skills at the Academy of Magic. According to the video teasers, magic spells and wizardry will be used in the game’s intense confrontations. 


First off, in HexRoast, victory cannot be purchased with NFTs. Historically, buying NFTs is necessary to advance effectively in the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience. In HexRoast, on the other hand, your NFTs don’t aid in victory.

Instead, as HexRoast detailed in its debut Medium essay, your bought NFTs will raise the “Game Chest” and conflicts will be decided by tactical choices. 

The player must make use of all the gameplay elements and skillfully use the six spells at their disposal in accordance with the circumstances present on the battlefield in order to succeed. As in other MOBA games, players will need to keep an eye on the game’s economy and invest in the necessary game goods for certain game conditions. Players will need to make advantage of the gaming arena’s characteristics, like its shelters and altitudes, and collaborate with teammates.

In fact, HexRoast only pays out winners, and they’ve created a brand-new method called “The Oracle System” to make sure that the P2E economy grows. 

A variety of safeguards were included into this system, which is being hailed as innovative, to make sure that the project’s coin exchange rate remained consistent. 

Based on the currency exchange rate, the system modifies the cost of in-game boxes and slots. All in-game purchases are performed using the game’s currency, whose value varies, even if the cost of in-game characters and chests in USD stays constant. So, here’s how the process operates: 

Players require more coins to purchase an in-game collectible when the coin rate drops.

Players need fewer coins to purchase an in-game collectable as the coin rate rises.

The Oracle System makes sure that the value of the game chests rises as the coin exchange rate decreases. In contrast, the chest shrinks when the exchange rate rises.

In addition, a commission for withdrawing money to the wallet will be included in the game and will decrease over the course of 40 days from 50% to 0%.

Essentially, the goal of this approach is to make the game and its economy as long-lasting as possible. 

HexRoast attempts to succeed where others have failed in this area, and its Whitepaper has a complete description of all the game’s intricate “tokenomics.”

Watch this space for more information on this exciting new NFT Esports game. 

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The “best nft games to earn money” is a new esports game that is launching soon. The game will be based on the blockchain and will have a variety of features for players to enjoy.

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