A Look at the Decentraland 2022 Manifesto

One of the biggest trends in gaming is virtual reality. With many platforms, developers have pulled out all the stops to create a seamless experience for gamers and provide them with new worlds where they can inhabit. Today, we take a look at one such platform that has been set up as an open-source project which takes this concept even further by allowing users to freely build their own virtual world called Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world that allows users to build and monetize their own content. The Decentraland 2022 manifesto is the document that lays out the future of this platform. It includes a prediction on what the price of mana will be in 2025.

As the first month of 2022 draws to a close, it is clear that the next year will be full of significant events and progress in the metaverse. With that in mind, it seems reasonable to consider what the future holds for Decentraland, the pioneering blockchain metaverse whose 2022 Manifesto was just issued. 

The platform’s aims and aspirations for the year are divided into five sections in the statement. Take a look at what each is expected to involve. 

New Approaches to Getting In

The development of a new desktop client for Windows, Linux, and Mac is now underway. It will come with a launcher that automatically refreshes the build and improves speed, and it will be able to interface with the platform from a larger variety of devices, according to the company.

A research cooperation for an experimental Virtual Reality Client is also underway, with development starting after the Desktop Client is published and a Beta version due in the second half of the year.

Fans may also anticipate to be able to access the Decentraland metaverse via their smartphones shortly, as a prototype for a mobile app is now being developed. 

Improvements in the Real World 

More research is being focused to enhancing the decentralization and size of the friends and private chat system, which is largely recognized as the finest mode of communication on the network.

With moderation being such a hot issue in the metaverse, efforts are being made to reduce the barriers and friction between moderator choices in the DAO and their impact on running code. 

Avatar Customization 

Users will be able to wear their NFTs as Decentraland wearables in the near future! This is made feasible by the addition of a process to the DAO and its corresponding section in the ‘backpack.’ New ‘NFT emotes,’ which will be supported by an improved UI and shortcuts system to make them more accessible, will also be available to Avatars. 

Smart wearables will also be allowed via the DAO Wearables Approval route, enabling you to have jet packs, sword battles, laser tags, and portable radios wherever you are in the metaverse!

Enhancements to the Protocol and SDK 

The protocol has been improved and streamlined in recent months, allowing developers to concentrate more on the SDK, or collection of tools and libraries that build within the world. They’re working on a new, backwards-compatible version with ‘out of the box network synchronization of entities,’ as well as improved network speed and capabilities for a more fluid experience. 

Content Activities and Events 

The developers are working on an Incubation Program (the first edition of which will be released in March) to bring on additional community curators, support multiple projects, and serve as a constant call for fresh ideas.

In addition, and with the work from the Content R&D team who intend to consistently push the limits of the SDK, more events which will mimic the successes of the Times Square NYE celebration are expected to take place. In the immediate future, players can expect big things throughout February as the month marks the platform’s second birthday, and they can also begin preparing for a 4 Day immersive Fashion Week in March. 

The manifesto also reaffirmed the platform’s core belief that ‘Can’t be Evil’ is a better strategy than ‘Don’t be Evil,’ because its level of decentralization ensures that there is no risk of a rug pull, and that people (and anyone) can continue to run their own servers, contribute to the platform’s open source code, and retain complete ownership over their Ethereum-stored virtual assets. 

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