A Collection of Officially Licensed Poster NFTs

In the current market, there is a plethora of officially licensed NFTs available for gamers to collect and trade. Here are some of the most interesting!

A “nft” is a new type of crypto asset. It can be traded on the blockchain, and it’s an ERC-721 token. NFTs are like digital art that you can own. They’re also called non-fungible tokens or unique assets.

Movienftz is on a quest to establish an industry-standard poster NFT distribution channel, with the attitude that movies don’t have to finish as the credits roll.

“Through the ownership of licensed poster NFTs, we are pleased to provide spectators with a novel method to connect with movies.” Posters are more than just ads; they are works of art that audiences have collected and will continue to collect. For example, I recently saw a print of the Taxi Driver poster sell for over $3,000 at Sotheby’s—imagine if this was of a fixed limited quantity, wouldn’t fade over time, incorporated a piece of the movie’s soundtrack through NFT MP4, and was completely licensed.” — Founder & CEO Ryan Matthews.

The Drop

On June 12th at 10 AM PT, Movienftz will issue 200 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City poster NFTs licensed by Constantin Film and Constantin Music (since the NFT will be an MP4 incorporating a piece of the movie’s opening music) for 0.12 each on OpenSea.

The Resident Evil series, which already boasts 28 games, has branched out into novels, comic books, animated films, plays, television, merchandising, and, of course, movies and now NFTs.

Constantin Film owns the rights to the Resident Evil film franchise, which has grossed over $1.25 billion worldwide. To date, the series has the most live-action movie adaptations of a video game, as well as being the highest-grossing zombie film series and the highest-grossing horror film series at different periods during the 2010s.

Teamwork and the Future

Sergeant Major Keith L. Craig, a war veteran, entertainment executive, philanthropist, worldwide best-selling author, and former professional player in the NFL, has joined with Movienftz (Europe).

Here’s a peek at the Welcome to Raccoon City poster from @ResidentEvil! It seems to be ominous… #WelcomeToRacoonCity #NFTs pic.twitter.com/UouQWVevf3 #ResidentEvil #WelcomeToRacoonCity #NFTs

5 June 2022 — movienftz (@movienftz)

Craig was part of the team that developed the distribution strategy for all of Disney’s films in 2019, which resulted in a domestic box office record of $3.7 billion thanks to films like Avengers Endgame ($858.3 million), The Lion King ($543.6 million), and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ($515.2 million).

With Craig on board, movienftz is poised to become a major player in the movie distribution industry; they’re now in talks with the licensors of some really intriguing posters for the Resident Evil: Apocalypse sequel. NFTs Welcome to Raccoon City poster

Ryan Matthews, the company’s founder and CEO, has a history in television and film production in both Canada and New Zealand. Alongside Matthews and Craig is a team of experts, including strategists, marketers, moderators, and developers, all of whom are working toward the same goal: to provide viewers with more than just the movie via poster NFTs.

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