9 Year Old Zombie Zoo Keeper Brings His Designs to Life in The Sandbox

In this article, we explore the development of in-game assets that are backed by blockchain. One such example is CryptoPets 3D models, which were designed and developed as an innovative way to entice players into interacting with their favorite animals.

The “sandbox crypto partnerships” is a game that allows players to create their own zombie zoo keeper. The sandbox is also available on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Some nine-year-olds will spend their time deciding which crayons are the most delicious. Alternatively, address existential issues such as “why has my hamster changed color?” However, a Japanese youngster known as ‘Zombie Zoo Keeper’ will create a virtual world in the metaverse.

On OpenSea, Zombie Zoo Keeper’s 258-strong Zombie Zoo collection gained attention. With his trippy pixelated drawings and somewhat morbid subject matter, an eclectic menagerie of zombified NFT critters with an all-time trading volume of 120 ETH has taken the globe by storm.

Now, he’s teamed up with Minto, a manga and anime expert, to bring the drawings to life in The Sandbox. As a consequence, the team will recreate Zombie Zoo Keeper’s creations in beautiful 3D, bringing them into the high-profile virtual world in the guise of ‘Zombie Zoo Land’ in a flash of brilliant color.


I’m thrilled to share the exciting news that Zombie Zoo will be collaborating with the world’s largest metaverse game, @TheSandboxGame, to develop a new game.

Zombie Zoo Land is a zombie-themed theme park.

I’ve been working on something with wonderful voxel artists for quite some time now! https://t.co/nWjvfbKVTo pic.twitter.com/IpUGDpPE7S can’t wait to show

May 12, 2022 — Zombie Zoo.eth(,) 9 yo Artist (@ZombieZooArt)

The huge business will result in a pleasant and colorful technicolor experience, thanks to Minto’s own virtual real-estate. Where everyone may appreciate the Zombie Zoo’s craziness in an immersive, interactive setting.

Oh, but Steve Aoki has one, so the endeavor may be dead. I’m sorry, child.

Check out Zombie Zoo on OpenSea >> Here


The “zepeto metaverse token” is a NFT that allows users to create and trade virtual reality assets. The “9 Year Old Zombie Zoo Keeper Brings His Designs to Life in The Sandbox.”

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