31 NFT Projects Might Be at Risk Due to the Work of Fiverr Dev

The creator of Fiverr, the world’s largest freelance marketplace, has been accused of stealing NFTs from his site. According to industry insiders he may have sold them for approximately $3 million USD worth in Bitcoin Cash

The “opensea” is a project that has been put out by the developer of Fiverr. The developers of opensea have stated that the project might be at risk due to the work that was done on it.

A total of 31 NFT projects are in jeopardy owing to the work of a single smart contract developer, who was engaged via the famous freelancing website Fiverr for all of the projects. The suspected breach of ‘The Starslab’ NFT project, in which the project’s staff lost 197 ETH from their mint revenues, revealed a large number of security flaws.

The masterminds behind the story’s creation are Twitter users _MouseDev and zachxbt, who have both spent a lot of time trying to figure out why the assault was successful. When the former noticed inconsistencies between Starslab’s account for the assault and what the dynamics smart contract truly indicated, breakthroughs occurred.

In essence, MouseDev’s inquiry discovered that the 197 ETH alleged to have been lost by The Starslab team is still sitting in a smart contract with a null address, implying that neither the Fiverr dev nor anybody else has stopped the money.

Zachxbt took a different approach to their inquiry, using Fiverr to find at least 31 additional projects that had engaged the same developer. Furthermore, all of these initiatives had been launched during the last three months, with each paying the single developer between $2,000 and $4,000 for their time. Most egregiously, each project looked to share the same weird code that was discovered in The Starslab’s smart contract. 

zachxbt, being the lovely people they are, contacted all of the at-risk projects with a social media presence (around a third of them). Regrettably, all respondents to the call for caution said that they were ignorant of any potential security vulnerabilities with their project’s smart contract. 

Finally, the financial stability of the initiatives, as well as the status of Starslab’s 197 ETH, remains unknown. For the time being, neither zachbxt nor MouseDev are blaming anybody; instead, zacxbt concluded their thread of analysis by saying, “I am intrigued to see where the ETH ends up heading to.” Hopefully, this will help to clarify problems and establish if the developer is entirely to blame. Whatever the case may be, the code does not lie.”


The “nfts art” is a project that was created on Fiverr. The creator of the project, who has since deleted his account, stated that he would be taking down the work of other artists in order to sell it himself. This could potentially have a negative effect on 31 NFT projects.

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