200 ETH Stolen in Recent Hack on BAYC Discord Server

The hack was due to a vulnerability in the BAYC Discord server that allowed anyone with access to it, regardless of whether they had an invite key or not. The hackers were able to bypass security by exploiting this bug and use their own private keys on every transaction sent through the discord server’s wallet.

A recent hack on the BAYC Discord server has resulted in 200 ETH being stolen. The hacker was able to do this by using a phishing attack. This is an easy way for hackers to steal your cryptocurrency, so be careful what you click on!. Read more in detail here: how to hack a discord server.

As if you needed another reminder that anybody might fall prey to illegitimate actors in the NFT sector, Yuga Labs’ project’s Discord servers have been hacked for the third time. According to the firm, the attackers were able to make off with 200 ETH (or $360,000) worth of NFTs during the hack last week. 

The vast digital theft was aided by the hacking of Boris Vagner’s, the project’s community manager, Discord account, which led to the attackers posting phishing links in both the official BAYC and Otherside Discord channels, following standard scammer protocol.

On Saturday, ‘NFTherder’ broke the story, claiming that four unique wallets were responsible for the (then) 145 ETH loss. An official acknowledgement of the hack was subsequently issued from the Bored Ape Twitter account eleven hours later, when the amount taken had increased to 200 ETH. 

The same attackers were able to get into the Discord server of Spoiled Banana Society NFT (which Vagner and his brother Richard co-founded), although the effort was not as effective, since the phishing messages in this instance were removed very quickly after being posted. 

The latest big breach of the BAYC Instagram and Discord channels, which resulted in the uploading of bogus mint sites for Otherside’s ‘Otherdeeds’ Land auction, is the third and most catastrophic assault on the mass Yuga Labs NFT ecosystem. 


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