#18 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Rebellicca

Sailor Mars is a moon goddess in the Sailor Moon universe who has been reincarnated as a cat. She is popular on Tumblr, and her owner created their own subreddit for fans of this furry character. (Just one example of how NFTs are bridging digital worlds with physical ones.)

Sailor Mars is a Sailor Soldier of the Moon Kingdom and the princess of love, beauty, and justice. She is known as the soldier who has saved Earth many times.

Welcome to the 18th installment of my Cosmic Convos! This week’s artist is someone I’ve been following from the beginning of my NFT adventure. She’s not just a fantastic artist, but she’s also a fantastic writer. With the amazing words she posts on Twitter, she inspires myself and many others every day.

Others are drawn to her art, she claims, because it is genuine and true. I couldn’t have said it any better than that. This is precisely why I began following her path so attentively; her work exudes genuineness. It was a pleasure to get to know her better via this interview, and I think many of you will find it inspiring. Let’s go on a journey into the land of Rebellicca together!

Rei: Hello, Rebellicca! I’ve always like your name and wondered whether it was your given name, hehe! You also claimed all of the usernames on various social media platforms that you rarely never see!

Rebellicca: Thank you for the complement, Rei! My artist name is ‘Rebellicca,’ yet it has no relation to my given name. It comes from the word’rebel.’ I selected it because my friends refer to me as a “rebel,” and I admire strong-willed dreamers who aren’t scared to make their own rules in life. As much as feasible, I strive to follow suit.

Rei: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from?

Rebellicca: I prefer to let my poetry and art convey my narrative. So this is the first time I’ve spoken more openly about myself. I was born in Bulgaria and have lived in the Netherlands for about two decades. In the years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the end of Communism, I grew up in the suburbs of Sofia. Seeing how this historical event influenced my generation was both bizarre and interesting.

We are good observers as children, and we readily detect both magic and tension. On the Balkans, the 1990s brought a large helping of both: newfound freedom, promise, as well as bloodshed and calamity. I believe that being exposed to such stark differences improved my capacity to notice, feel, and think in new ways. My route eventually led me to the Netherlands, where I studied and eventually settled permanently.

Then came new and difficult obstacles. When you find yourself immersed in a whole new world, a new language, and a new culture, you discover who you actually are. We all want to feel like we belong, but not everyone is intended to or capable of doing so, even when reality demands it. I’m often perplexed as to where and what home is. It has evolved into a sensation rather than a physical site.

Expat living has profoundly influenced my perception of humanity, interpersonal interactions, prejudice, and opposing world views. This is most likely why themes like freedom, individuality, love, and connection appear so often in both my art and writing.

Rei: Could you tell me when and how you began doing art? Has your own style changed over time? 

Rebellicca: I remember being a child and falling in love with art, music, and poetry. My mother would take me to museums, piano recitals, and poetry readings when I was younger. I had a strong sense that this was my universe, and I noted that my mind was equally at ease with words, pictures, and music, stubbornly refusing to pick. When I was joyful, I’d play the piano; when I couldn’t ask or say anything, I’d sketch; and when I wanted to better understand myself or the world, I’d write.

I deviated from this route due to practical considerations, and I ended up working in corporate consulting while also producing art on the side. Surprisingly, it was also my mother who prophesied that I would quit the corporate sector and return to my creative roots a decade later, which I did.

Outside of the gallery, I’ve created a number of abstract expressionist works, all of which were physical paintings that were sold privately. When I first learned about the potential of digital art, I was intrigued to it since it enabled me to completely express myself by combining many mediums into a single piece of art. As part of my rich-media poetry series, I’ve created my first rendered artwork in C4D. I hope it reveals a fresh part of me as well as a glimpse into my creative progress.

Rei: You’re a fantastic writer in addition to being a multi-media artist. Your wonderful daily tweets never fail to inspire me. Could you tell me more about your passion? 

Rebellicca: Rei, thank you very much for your kind compliment. Consider this: half of the metaverse is made up of emotions, thoughts, and concepts expressed via text sequences we read on displays. Words have incredible power to change and transform reality.

I have this magical relationship with language that enables me to play with it for some reason. I get the impression that they want to tell me all they know, so I just listen and follow their lead. The similar thing occurs when I create a story based on a piece of art. I continue to work on the item until it’speaks’ to me. When I connect with it, the lines flow naturally and quickly, frequently in minutes. My daily postings might be thought of as snippets from an awakening notebook.

Moods and sentiments are sometimes reflected in them. Other times, they serve as little reminders of what matters in the middle of life’s whirlwind. However, it never fails to astonish me how many people read and relate to them. My comments are frequently described as freeing, confrontational, and impossible to ignore. This humbles me every time, since there is arguably no better gift than providing value to another’s path while living your own truth.

Rei: What are some of your favorite places to get ideas for your art? 

Rebellicca: I’d say lived experience, raw emotion, dreams, and philosophy are the most intuitive answers. In this approach, my works attempt to capture moments and longings while maintaining their intensity. Others seem to connect with what I make because it seems extremely genuine and honest to them.

When it comes to poetry, I also draw inspiration from the works of other space artists. Here are several examples: Archan Nair, Ronald Ong, Raphael Erba, Anna Zhukovska, Bill Elis, Zhuk. Moteh, Archan Nair, Ronald Ong, Raphael Erba, Anna Zhukovska, Bill Elis, Zhuk.

The two artists for whom I’ve written the most are Archan and Moteh. Archan and I have a fascination in the metaphysical and consciousness. His work has a vivid energy to it that piques my interest and inspires me to write poems in response to it.

He’s been a huge source of inspiration for me, and he’s the first artist I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on the blockchain poetically. When I prepared the poems for his artwork ‘Quarantine,’ the collector personally contacted us to tell us that the work’s synergy between the visual and the lyrical made it seem everlasting to him. Such instances demonstrate how strong an artist-to-artist bond can be.

The connection I have with Moteh, though, is the most amazing and deep. The synergy between our emotions, vision, and artistic expression is so striking that many collectors and other artists insist that in order to create such harmony together, we must first get to know each other in person. They often inquire as to whether we are the source of each other’s creativity. And, despite the fact that we greatly inspire each other, we have never met. We never talk about a composition or its poetics ahead of time.

Our connection is strong because we share the same artistic language and can sense each other’s presence on a deep level. Moteh and I are live evidence that there is enchantment in this area, made possible only by creativity. Keep an eye on both of our broadcasts in 2022 to see whether the magic continues!

Here are the results of my collaborations with Archan and Moteh!

Rei: How long do you spend each day working on art, and how does this process work?

Rebellicca: I don’t have much of a system in place. I often start with very little, perhaps just a phrase, a notion, or simply a feeling that I want to investigate more. Other times, I see the whole thing finished in my head and attempt to reverse engineer it. I follow my imagination’s lead and choose to believe in it. This is true of poetry as much as visual art.

Rei: I understand that each of your collections is inspired by a distinct notion. Do you want your individual art pieces or collections to express a certain message?

Rebellicca: My work, both emotionally and intellectually, may be said to revolve around the topic of connection. I’m especially interested in how the presence of individuals in our lives changes it and helps us to grow.

Love, in all of its forms, interests me, and I consider it often in my works, alongside freedom, belonging, awareness, and time. If there is a message to be found in my body of work, it is that art is a time capsule for emotions, that it lives on connection, and that it is capable of transcending physical reality’s foundations.

Rei: Can you tell us how and when you became interested in NFTs, and how you’ve found the experience thus far?

Rebellicca: I first arrived in space in May of 2021. I was aware of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology before to meeting Jack Butcher, but it was via him that I learned about NFTs. Jesse Powell, the creator of Kraken, picked up my first item 9 hours after I minted it. Months of excitement ensued. I gained new friends and had the opportunity to write for some of the most talented artists in the universe.

I’m pleased to have my poetry on the blockchain alongside Archan Nair, Ronald Ong, Raphael Erba, and Morten Lasskogen’s work, and to be included in their collections. And I’m happy beyond words that my visual work has found a place in the collections of incredible people like Guy Norcal, cryptolander, Hazel Pow, and thousandbtc. I’m entirely sold out right now.

Rei: What are the objectives you intend to accomplish in the NFT space?

Rebellicca: In the past, I overdosed on objectives. So these days, I just go with my gut sense that I’m on the correct track. Art is my life, and I consider myself fortunate to be able to create. If I could have one desire, it would be to produce art/poetry that is memorable, truly affects people’s souls, and stands the test of time. Everything else takes a back seat to this.

Rei: In the next several years, where do you anticipate the NFT space will go?

Rebellicca: That is a significant question! Based on my (limited) findings, I anticipate established artists transitioning to completely minting contracts directly on their own websites rather than splitting revenue with a platform, owing to their visibility and collectors’ confidence.

Emerging artists will most likely continue to prosper on platforms that cater to a certain niche, style, or genre. As the space draws fresh talent, maintaining a strong presence in the neighborhood and cultivating relationships with collectors will become even more crucial.

As the technology underlying VR evolves, it will be employed on a much bigger scale to provide spectators with an immersive experience, making the encounter with art even more unique in terms of perception and engagement. Gamification methods with ‘play-to-earn’ models and usefulness connected to collectable pfp projects are already being welcomed in the metaverse, which I believe will be defining for the pfp landscape in the future years.

Rei: Finally, what is the best place for folks to learn more about you and your work?

Rebellicca: They can check out Foundation, OpenSea, Twitter & Instagram!


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