#17 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Civort

Civort is a popular cosplaying Instagrammer and gamer with over 1.1 million followers who recently partnered up with Sailor Mars, the most widely-followed League of Legends Cosplayer in the world to talk about their favorite NFTs and gaming experiences!

The “bright palz nft” is a NFT that allows users to have a conversation with Sailor Mars.

Hello and welcome to my Cosmic Conversations. Civort, this week’s artist, combines aspects of anime, movies, and video games into digital paintings to create magnificent metropolitan settings. I like looking at things like these since it feels like you learn something new every time you look.

I particularly like the allusions to Bitcoin and Ethereum that can be found in several of his works. Some of the paintings are heavily cyberpunk-inspired and depict a future world straight out of Blade Runner. Others are more contemporary settings that might easily be seen in today’s globe. I’ll be watching to see what worlds he builds next.

Rei: Hello, Civort. Where did you get your artist name?

Civort: My true name is Victor, and Civort is an anagram of Victor. It’s also an allusion to robots or cyborgs, which I can understand since I’m holding a Titanium bar in my left hand.

Rei: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from?

Civort: I’m from the south of Spain, where there’s always a sea and nice weather. I am currently 22 years old, and I just completed and obtained my bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Professors were uninterested in digital paintings, and eight out of ten courses had nothing to do with what I wanted to study, so I forged my own route and learnt what I needed to know via the internet and practice.

Rei: Can you think of a few characteristics that would characterize you as a person?

Civort: I’ve spent my whole life playing video games. Eventually, I believe this sparked my interest in surroundings, and the scene/perspective I find myself painting the most is a route with a human, similar to a videogame. Unfortunately, due to health issues (I’m having my third surgery on my left hand on March 16th), I’ve had to drastically reduce my playing time.

Rei: When did you first start doing art, and how did you do it? Has your own style changed over time?

Civort: I’ve always enjoyed to draw and paint; I drew in all the notebooks in my home when I was a kid, and when I was nine, I began making oil paintings. I’m also dabbling with pastels, watercolors, etched etching/ aquatint, and other mediums.

Since then, I have never stopped painting, and in 2016 I began focused solely on digital painting (all of my paintings from 2016 to 2022 are included in my Urban Environments collection to demonstrate my growth and hard work).

With each successive painting, my style is becoming more defined, and I’m able to accomplish a more polished completed product every time.


Rei: Do you have any special sources of inspiration for your art?

Civort: My motivation comes from the prospect of building new worlds, even if they aren’t genuine. I also like watching animations/anime and movies, and when I see well-crafted sceneries, I get envious and want to paint.

Rei: How long do you spend each day working on art, and how does this process work?

Civort: I paint for 8 hours or more every day since it’s something I like doing and I get such a rush when I watch a work take shape. Concept art may be seen in several of my works. I normally start with little black and white forms, doing 10 or 20 of them before deciding whether or not to continue till the end. In some works, I begin with line drawings or random color forms and work my way up until I can describe anything.


Rei: Do you want your artwork to express a certain message?

Civort: Absolutely not. Most of the time, I have no idea what I’m doing and am always trying new things until I find something that works. When I’m stuck for ideas, I’ll paint many works on the same canvas to go from one to the next rapidly.

Rei: Can you tell us how and when you became interested in NFTs, and how you’ve found the experience thus far?

Civort: I began in August 2021, made a lot of mistakes, and failed in the beginning, but I received my first sale the same day I minted several pieces! My painting has now sold for almost 2,3 ETHs, and I’m quite pleased with how things are going! I’m certain that as I continue to develop as an artist, things will become even better.


Rei: What are the objectives you intend to accomplish in the NFT space?

Civort: All I want to do now is continuing painting anything I want, with no one pressing me or telling me what I have to do. Paint for me because I want to improve my idea art and become a true concept artist.

Rei: Which of the NFT’s artists do you admire the most?

Raphael Lacoste, rykyart, Ismail Inceoglu, Kan Liu, Feng Zhu, Madmaraca, and Nessgrahics are just a few of the amazing artists I’ve come across.


Rei: In the next several years, where do you anticipate the NFT space will go?

Civort: If NFTs are pushed far enough, they may eventually replace the property system we use in the real world and connect everything to an NFT to prevent corruption. Many aspects in security must and will change in the next years in order for NFTs to become something really significant.

In terms of art, I don’t think there’s any more place for 10k collectable projects; people are weary of being conned, and I’ll be overjoyed when they realize that true artists exist and will continue to evolve for many more years! In comparison to collectibles, they are often underpriced.

Rei: Could you offer me a behind-the-scenes look at anything fresh you’re working on?

Civort: Of course! Recently, I’ve been playing with the color green.


Rei: Finally, what is the best place for folks to learn more about you and your work?

Please have a look at my Linktree, Civort.


The “upcoming metaverse” is a new project that will be released in the future. The project’s goal is to create an immersive and interactive experience for users who want to explore virtual worlds.

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