#16 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Paola Pinna

For our latest episode we spoke to Paola Pinna, who is a cosplayer and model from Italy. She’s been in the comic book industry for over 10 years now and has worked on several projects including Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Misfits of Avalon, Disney Princesses: Matching Style Game with Meredith Vieira, X-Men Blue at FOX Studios LA and more! We talked about her thoughts on CryptoKitties – “It was such an interesting game because it made me think that I could put myself out there as a collector”

The “rei sailor moon” is a new NFT that will be released on the Ethereum blockchain. This item will be available for purchase in the upcoming weeks. It has been created by Paola Pinna, who is known for her work with Sailor Moon.

Welcome to the 16th installment of my Cosmic Convos! Paola, this week’s artist, began her career studying conventional painting, but her style developed over time into the stunning 3D animations she currently makes. Her primary sources of inspiration are fashion and video games, as seen by the artworks she creates. I like the way she blends all of these characteristics, such as the more visibly animated hair in some of her paintings worn by a more realistic figure. Her style is still developing, and I’m interested to see where she goes in the next years.

Rei: Hello, Paola. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from?

Paola: Hi! I’m Paola, and I’m a 27-year-old artist now residing in Italy. I spent my early years in London, where I studied Digital Arts and became more interested in 3D. I currently work as a full-time 3D artist.

Rei: Can you think of a few characteristics that would characterize you as a person?

Paola: I am a really sociable person, and most people who know me can attest to my friendliness. I also like anything that makes life more attractive, such as fashion and design, yet I am also a geek. Chess, video games, and all things technological interest me.

Rei: When and how did you first begin producing art, and how did it grow into the 3D animation technique you use now?

Paola: I’ve always loved sketching, particularly characters, since I was a child. I’d also create pictures of my pals out of habit, since I’ve always been fascinated to people. But I’ve always like video games, so it’s amusing to compare what I do now to what I’ve always enjoyed.

At the age of 14, I began studying traditional painting in Italy, where I learned the fundamentals of working with colors and proportions. I subsequently relocated to London, where I was inspired by digital art shows, which, along with finding net art online, inspired me to begin studying 3D.

Since my first attempt with Blender in 2018, I’ve never questioned that it’s the appropriate tool for me. From the outset, I was completely enamored with 3D and never looked back. In the last several years, I’ve done a lot of creative experimenting and have just begun to build a more cohesive style – which is constantly changing. What I’m making today is a synthesis of all of the preceding experiences.

Rei: What are some of your favorite places to get ideas for your art?

Paola: Fashion, the internet, and video games are my main interests. I sometimes encounter folks that inspire me to develop characters. My compositions are sometimes inspired by events in my life or by love. Sometimes it’s a movie, sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s everything. I’m very much open to being inspired by anything.

Paola Pinna

Rei: How long do you spend each day working on art, and how does this process work?

Paola: I work every day, but I make an effort to take one or two days off every week. Because I work on commission, I normally divide my time between client and personal projects. But I don’t follow a strict schedule since I feel that the finest work comes from being inspired. I’ll produce a piece in two hours late at night if I’m feeling very motivated.

Rei: Do you want your artwork to express a certain message?

Paola: I’d want to share my image of the world, or at least my fantasies about it.

Paola Pinna

Rei: Can you tell us how and when you became interested in NFTs, and how you’ve found the experience thus far?

Paola: Early in 2021, I began working with NFTs and sold my first item in April. So far, I haven’t minted a large number of pieces, but it’s going nicely. NFTs have given me and my work a tremendous boost; I’ve been pushing myself to explore more since last year, and it’s certainly helped me improve my style – as well as providing me additional possibilities, so it’s been a rewarding trip.

Rei: What are the objectives you intend to accomplish in the NFT space?

Paola: I’d like to grow into the space and have more people become aware of my work. For the time being, NFTs are a significant part of my practice, but not the only one. I’m enthusiastic to realize my art’s full NFT potential in the future – and I don’t rule out focusing solely on that at some time.

Paola Pinna

Rei: Which of the NFT’s artists do you admire the most?

Paola: I believe the Foundation has an incredible collection of artists; it’s incredible. Nicole Ruggiero, Gabriel Massan, Pvssycrew, Team Rolfes, Sheidlina, Relmartist, Amy Beager, Giant Swan, Heal Bell, Emma Stern, Ghostrystore, Mattia Cuttini, Matt Kane, Harriet Blend, Olga Fedorova, Sasha Katz, Lee Yunsung, Jon Rafman, Mattia Cuttini, Matt Kane, Harriet Blend, Ol I can go on and on ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Rei: In the next several years, where do you anticipate the NFT space will go?

Paola: I believe it will ultimately expand to include gaming, the metaverse, and avatars. It has a lot of promise, but we’re still early in the game, so it’s difficult for me to tell at this moment, but I believe NFTs are here to stay and will eventually stabilize.

Rei: Could you offer me a behind-the-scenes look at anything fresh you’re working on?

Paola: That’s all there is to it! I’ve just begun working on a project on Unreal Engine!

Paola Pinna

Rei: Finally, what is the best place for folks to learn more about you and your work?

Paola: Here’s my linktree, and here’s where you can find me on Instagram.


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