15 Projects That Show How Cronos Is Hot Property For NFTs

In the digital universe, non-fungible tokens are at the center of a number of projects that have been created on Ethereum. This article explores some recent examples that demonstrate how NFTs offer unique opportunities for those who want to create their own marketplaces or game exchanges.

The “opensea” is a project that shows how cronos is hot property for NFTs. It allows users to create their own cryptocurrency and trade it with other people.

Take care. There’s a new NFT blockchain in town, and it’s already attracting a slew of new markets and initiatives only months after its debut. The Cronos blockchain is what we’re talking about. 

Crypto.com, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, created Cronos, an EVM-compatible blockchain network. Cronos, in many aspects similar to Binance’s Binance Smart Chain, debuted its mainnet in November 2021 with the goal of boosting the creative economy via different DeFi and GameFi apps. Cronos aspires to be the metaverse’s and Web3’s basis, which it does by guaranteeing that dapps and smart contracts are more ecologically and user friendly. 

Cronos is based on Ethemint and the Cosmos SDK, making it compatible with Ethereum, Cosmos, and other EVM-compatible blockchains, as well as the Cosmos ecosystem. 

Cronos has witnessed significant growth since coming online late last year, with over 350,000 unique wallet addresses established, over 120 dapp projects launched, and a total value locked of over $2.5 billion over 44 protocols, ranking it ninth among all blockchains.  

Nonfungible tokens are one of Cronos’ most promising use cases. For artists wishing to start new NFT projects, the platform has quickly become one of the most popular blockchains.

It appeals to NFT enthusiasts since its blockchain is substantially quicker than the most popular blockchain, Ethereum. It implies that NFT tokens may be bought and sold in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, transaction fees are far lower than Ethereum’s network’s infamously high gas prices. 

Cronos’ NFT ecosystem is already thriving – to the point where it’s the ideal time to highlight the company’s top 15 most exciting NFT projects. 


With over 1,350 NFTs for sale on its site at the time of writing, Agora is likely the biggest single NFT community on the Cronos blockchain. Agora, which aims to compete with much bigger Ethereum markets like OpenSea, is based on the Arbitrum network, which means anybody may purchase or sell NFTs on its platform. Agora’s mission is to help artists and creators by creating a completely decentralized marketplace with minimal fees and quick transactions where they can show off their work to Crypto.com’s larger community of over 10 million users. 

When artists sell their NFTs on Agora, the information is saved in a smart contract. When someone buys it, the smart contract sends the asking amount in ETH to the artist’s wallet before unlocking the NFT and sending it to the buyer. The system ensures that creators can sell their NFTs with the least amount of effort and risk. 

Bay of Ebisu


As the first NFT marketplace on Cronos, Bay of Ebisu is also one of the largest. It relies on the native Cronos token CRO, which is used to trade, buy and sell in peer-to-peer transactions. Since its launch in November, Bay of Ebisu has already built up a strong community around its marketplace, serving as a launchpad for new NFT collections and providing tools for creators to mint new NFTs. 

Bay of Ebisu also prides itself on its hands-on support, working closely with NFT creators to ensure a successful launch on its platform. It’s equally proud of its strong security, allowing NFT enthusiasts to trade and transfer digital art, music, video and collectible NFTs securely. Not surprising then, Bay of Ebisu has already given birth to multiple popular NFT collection, such as Cronos Chimps, Meerkats gone berserk and Crypotorockstar, among others. 



The Crosmonauts are a new, highly limited collection of NFTs on the Cronos blockchain that will be released shortly. Only 1,000 NFTs will be minted for the March 9 launch, with a presale price of 250 CRO ($102) and a minting price of 350 CRO. The Crosmonauts are going to be one of the most sought-after collections on Cronos due to their restricted availability. There are also incentives to keep them, with holders of four or more crosmonauts being eligible for a future Spaceship NFT as well as a CROSMO token drop.  

NFT Crocodiles


There are a total of 2,000 Crypto Crocodile NFTs, which are unique digital treasures that exist in their natural environment on the Cronos blockchain. This is the first ever NFT collection to premiere on Cronos. CrocoNFTs are more than just a wacky art collectable; they also allow holders access to a number of KEEPERS ONLY perks, such as an airdrop of the Holiday Crocos Collection and the unique opportunity to stake their NFTs and obtain CROCOS tokens at a greater rate than non-NFT holders. The collection has established a large fanbase on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, with over 170 qualities guaranteeing that each CrocoNFT is completely unique, and the team is hoping to provide more upgrades and perks in the near future. 



CroPunks is a limited collection of 1,111 punk rocker style NFTs that is without a doubt one of the most inventive NFT projects on Cronos to date. It’s also a marketplace and yield farming program that runs on the Cronos blockchain, so it’s much more than simply a collection. One of the most amazing benefits, owing to CroPunk’s unique application, is the possibility for holders to see their CroPunk NFTs in an immersive augmented or virtual reality environment. The software is meant to bring the Cronoverse to life and delivers actual value to CroPunk NFT holders, since it is exclusively available to them. 

CroPunk is also working on a Tamagotchi-style game, in which users may use their CroPunk NFT as their in-game avatar and search for treasures and other accessories to personalize your punk. 



On the Ethereum blockchain, the SupBirds is a collection of 5,000 unique bird characters. Each coin follows the ERC721 protocol and includes a proof of ownership. SupBirds’ objective is to link blockchain developers, artists, innovators, and investors in one spot to create one of the largest and most involved NFT communities. Each NFT owner in SupBirds’ community will have an exclusive role, as well as other voting rights, for any future development request. 

Robots with No Remorse 


Only the bravest of collectors and investors are willing to snap up one of the highly original Robots with No Remorse NFTs. A unique collection of 2,100 hand drawn robot-style NFTs, the attraction is all about the impressive artwork as well as the staking opportunities. 

Staking is an elimination-style competition that takes place every week. Each week, the person who bets their NFT with the lowest bid loses their token. The elimination wallet will buy it and burn it, decreasing the total amount of NFTs in the collection. It also decreases the amount of NFTs staked each week, resulting in each staker receiving a greater share of the pool and, as a result, higher weekly prizes. 

Project Panels


For anyone interested in sustainability and preventing climate change, there’s no better NFT to mint than the Project Panels. It claims to be the first carbon neutral NFT project on Cronos, with an NFT collection that will feature not only staking,  but also two peculiarities that make it quite distinct from others. 

The first is that each NFT will be three-dimensional, allowing it to be seen in a virtual environment. In addition, the NFTs will be utilized in a play-to-earn game that has yet to be created. While the precise game type has yet to be announced, it will be confined to NFT holders and require the transfer of NFTs, implying that those who wish to compete would be rewarded handsomely. 

The “Panels” element of the project’s name refers to the project’s long-term viability. The initiative will effectively be returning whatever energy it uses to the grid in the form of green electricity, thanks to royalties from the P2E game and staking system, which will be used to support the construction of solar panels in Senegal as well as the gift of ecological lighting. 

Meerkats gone berserk


One of the funkiest projects on Cronos to date, Meerkats gone berserk NFTs launched in November with the intention of introducing crypto enthusiasts to the beauty of NFTs. The project also serves as an integrated educational resource for sharing utility, art and knowledge. 

Mad Meerkat NFT holders benefit in a variety of ways, including the ability to stake their tokens for yield through a partnership with CrocSwap, an automated market maker project that offers a liquidity pool through which holders can stake liquidity on specific cryptocurrency pairs and earn a percentage of the rewards each day. It gives Mad Meerkat NFT owners a strong incentive to keep their tokens rather than selling them for short-term profit. 

Planets in Miniature


Planets in Miniature will be one of the largest collections of NFTs on Cronos with a total of 10,000 eventually planned. However, the NFTs will be minted in generations, with just 250 reserved for the first batch – and already sold out. 

The NFTs take inspiration from our own solar system and the numerous exoplanets that have been discovered across the Milky Way galaxy. The project incorporates a unique burning mechanism called the “planet killer” which works by periodically sweeping the floor of planets listed for sale on secondary marketplaces. This is designed to boost the floor price of Planets in Miniature and increase the rarity of the remaining traits in the pool. 

Petite Planet owners join the Planetary Consortium, granting them voting rights on the project’s future direction as well as DAO activities like Planet Killer instructions and airdrops. 


Metaverse Pixels, characterized as an NFT and farming platform that allows users to purchase blocks inside a huge grid that makes up the metaverse, is another entertaining project on Cronos. When a user buys a block in the Metaverse Pixels grid, they’ll get a unique MetaPixels NFT to indicate their ownership of that block. They may use the NFT to publish their content — an image with details and a link – inside that grid block. 

The Metaverse Pixels grid is currently being completed, and future features include an NFT marketplace, Pixel airdrops, and a VR metaverse app that will enable community members to see their MetaPixels NFTs and contribute to the metaverse world. 



On the Cronos blockchain, the Crobees project is all about community building. According to the developers, a limited number of 2,222 bee NFTs will be produced. What is the significance of bees? Because bees are possibly the greatest animal in the world to symbolize a strong community, the Crobees hive is designed to be made up of workers, builders, and drones, each with their unique function. 

Crobees’ goal is to create a massive hive ecology of individuals interested in NFTs, DeFi, and other blockchain-related topics.

Ragdolls Cronos


Cat lovers will unite within the Ragdolls Cronos project, which is building a virtual NFT gallery that adjusts automatically to the NFTs each visitors’ wallet holds. The Ragdolls Cronos collection will eventually number 10,000 NFTs, with each one randomly assigned a role, either as a warrior or a mage, with a unique body, headwear, weapon, monocle, a pipe with smoke plus one unique display trait that will only be visible in the virtual gallery. 

Traits may be common, uncommon, epic, and legendary, as well as exotic on rare instances. There will be staking possibilities and voting privileges, like in other NFT communities, allowing cat lovers to make money with their artwork while also having a vote in community development. 

Cronos’s enigmatic society 


Help your species in its quest for total domination of the CSS Metaverse on Cronos with the Cronos’s enigmatic society. 

The plan is to mint a large NFT collection of four different character species, with the goal of each society being to rule a metaverse that’s made up of four unique territories. The four species will be of equal size, with 3,333 SouthSide Ants, 3,333 EastSide Cats, 3,333 NorthSide Ducks and 3,333 WestSide Bunnies, with each one released for public mint only when the Cronos Network reaches a certain level of unique wallet addresses. So for now, only the SouthSide Ants are available. The idea is to expand the community carefully, as the wider Cronos blockchain community grows. Cronos’s enigmatic society intends to become one of the most influential communities on Cronos, serving as an example of wonderful art and endless possibilities. 

Cronos Chimp Club is a club for chimps.


Taking its inspiration from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the Cronos Chimp Club is a club for chimps. consists of 10,000 unique cartoon chimp NFTs that come with various traits that its creators say are intended to celebrate the various aspects of the Cronos blockchain ecosystem. By owning a Cronos Chimp, holders gain access to the exclusive Crons Chimp Club, which is a sustainable community of NFT enthusiasts within the wider Crypto.com community. 

Each chimp is created from over 140 potential unique features, meaning that everyone who mints a Cronos Chimp has a good chance of obtaining a completely unique and uncommon chimp. The Cronos Chimp marketplace presently has 3,405 chimpanzees offered, with a starting price of 740 CRO, making them among of the most costly Cronos NFTs available. 

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