#15 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Healbell

A chat with the lead designer of Sailor Moon about blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs.

The “act 14 sailor moon” is a NFT that was produced by the artist Healbell. The piece features the protagonist of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, in conversation with a character from her past.

To all of my dear readers, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. For me, the first few weeks of new year have been hectic. My own NFT project was just unveiled! It’s been difficult, but it’s been well worth it. I’ve been working on it for many months now. Having my own project provided me a fresh perspective on the area, since I had previously simply been a collector.

I’ve always been open to anyone showing me their work, and I really like showcasing the work of up-and-coming artists. Now that I’m working on my own project, I realize how difficult it is to get your work noticed! It’s one thing to create excellent artwork, but it’s another to pique people’s curiosity. Let’s show our thanks for all of the NFT’s hardworking artists!

My project is a collaboration with Healbell, a 3D artist. I first learned about Healbell on Twitter, and I was instantly impressed by their work. To me, the way they merge fashion into magnificent artworks with anime-inspired creatures is wonderful. I couldn’t help but be impressed by their work, given my own love of fashion and infatuation with anime. I’m certain that Healbell will be a huge success in the space for years to come, given the current interest in anime-themed projects and the fact that I believe the NFT sector as a whole is heading towards 3D artworks.

Rei: Hello, Healbell! Could you tell us about the origins of your artist name?

Healbell: I was texting with a buddy at a café in New York City on a hot summertime June day. I was seeking for anything to connect to that didn’t take itself too seriously, and I ended up reading up Pokemon moves since the terminology in Pokemon had always intrigued me.

There were a lot of horrible name combinations, as well as some fascinating ones (Technical Machine, Dream Eater), but I had to giggle when I came across “Heal Bell” since the Pokemon that usually utilized that ability was an adorable and funny cow. I like cow monster females, and I sent it to a buddy who gave it a huge thumbs up. It just struck a chord with me as something that seemed like it caught my essence.

Rei: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from?

Healbell: I’m 31 years old and a cancer sign, thus I’m a loner and too emotional. I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and have previously resided in Baltimore and New York City. I’m now resuming my Japanese studies with the hopes of becoming proficient in the language. I’m working on acquiring my artist visa since my next step is to relocate to Tokyo for a fresh life experience because I’m feeling a little too comfortable in my current surroundings and want to develop and better myself.

I started taking note of art when I was around 14 years old and noticed that I was fond of photography and music more than I thought. I experimented in many forms of art from music—>painting—>photography—>live installation art etc I liked and committed to all of these crafts but, found myself not properly fulfilled with what I was doing and at around age 21 became more interested in 2.5D/3D art and haven’t really looked back since then. It simply clicked for me to be able to work from home on my artwork and develop my skills being reliant merely on the internet and myself as a resource.

I never went to college since I finished at 17 and was really foolish about choosing a job when I had no clue what I was doing at the time.


Rei: Can you think of a few characteristics that would characterize you as a person?

Healbell: I consider myself to be an independent and free thinker who is also empathic, while being chilly, prone to trends, and co-dependent. As much as everybody else, I’m a contradiction. I have no notion what characterizes me, but if you ask me individually, I have all of the answers.


Rei: When and how did you first begin producing art, and how did it grow into the 3D animation technique you use now?

Healbell: I feel like everything I’ve done before 3D art has been all of the necessary art abilities to be able to do 3D. Because of my musical training, I can do sound design and edit audio. Painting taught me patience with the pre-processes of creation as well as finality and the necessity of color palette choosing.

I learnt everything about framing, lighting, and mood setting perspectives from photography, and all of that simply transfers to controlling digital cameras inside a 3D platform. I learnt after-effects through editing the film I recorded with my camera, as well as how to deal with all of the production’s leftovers. This is shown by the ability of color grading and editing to direct the viewer’s attention.


Rei: Do you have any special sources of inspiration for your art?

Healbell: I like bright colors and simplicity with a hint of strangeness and perversion. As a result, anime fits in well with my tastes. I don’t really love watching movies, but anime is appealing since it is more digestible.


Rei: Your art also seems to be heavily influenced by fashion. What is the source of this interest/influence?

Healbell: I believe the inspiration comes from my experiences growing up in the Midwest of the United States. The fashion is uninspired and mostly utilitarian. I don’t dress flamboyantly, but my brain craves it in my work as a method to help establish my style. I have a love/hate relationship with fashion because I disagree with a lot of it, yet I prefer expression over complacency.


Rei: How long do you spend each day working on art, and how does this process work?

Healbell: I don’t know how long I work on something since I believe people are fickle. In a day, I may labor for an hour or for 16 hours. It depends on how I’m feeling and how far along I am in the process. I’m a slow thinker, but if I’m settled in and motivated by a certain piece of the project that makes me feel like “this is it,” I can work through my need for sleep.

The process isn’t concrete but I tend to find myself inspired by something either in life or in my brain from something I’ve seen before and I think about how I would create it personified in human form. The workflow is typically Brainstorm/Ideas—>Initial Base Mesh(body type/sculpt) to fit idea—–>hundreds of trial and error with the outfit/textures/—>posing and camera framing——>360s of the character and animation—–>compositing and color grading—->post online!


Rei: Do you intend to send a message with your artwork, or is this something you don’t do on purpose?

Healbell: I don’t believe I make an effort to convey a deeper message via my work. I usually spend enough time on each assignment to ensure that the intended point is understood. I produce things on the spur of the moment, and I don’t like pretense, so I try to keep things simple.

One thing I would say is that I want my characters to be in a position of power because I like to see them as the CEO of whatever they are… no matter how basic or abstract their concept is.


Rei: Can you tell us how and when you became interested in NFTs, and how you’ve found the experience thus far?

Healbell: I got into NFTs via friends and strange individuals who kept telling me how awesome I’d be in the environment. I prefer to emphasize that I produce art first and foremost, and that the art may then be converted into an NFT. I’m not someone who attempted to create art because they saw how well NFTs were doing, and I despise commodified, low-quality art.

To say the least, it’s been fascinating thus far. I’ve experienced both the lows of FOMO and the highs of selling my work for the desired minimum. On everything in the space, I try not to go too high or too low. I first thought there was much too much poisonous optimism in the NFT realm on Twitter.

In theory, WAGMI is a wonderful thing, and everyone should have that attitude, but for many people, that isn’t the case. I like seeing my friend’s work sell, but I despise watching what I consider to be pure garbage sell due to popularity or hype. The quality threshold is rapidly rising, which is heartening to me since I don’t enjoy all of the clipart low-effort things I was seeing at first.

I like the idea that the NFT space exists because it provides a platform for digital artists that previously did not exist, and it has radically transformed my life. I despise commission work since it involves executing someone else’s vision. I am a great believer in expressing myself and having others believe in what I do. For me, an NFT sale is worth much more than a monetary commission. It suggests people admire what I’ve accomplished rather than what I’m capable of.


Rei: What are the objectives you intend to accomplish in the NFT space? 

Healbell: I think of the NFT space in the same way that I think of myself as an artist. I merely want to help raise the standard for outputted work rather than hunt for low-quality cash grabs. I do want people to have enjoyment, so whatever that means, I hope that’s what they get when they look at my work.


Rei: Which of the NFT’s artists do you admire the most?

Healbell: To be honest, I don’t think I look up to anybody. I just have my own set of expectations for myself. I do, however, like the work of others, and I’ll include a few of them here: nicoleruggiero, andrewrolfes, ghostrystore, paolapinna, dreamcache3D, planttdaddii, vinneart, kyuyongeom, tabithaswanson, gabrielmassan, and harrietblend, to name a few!


Rei: In the next several years, where do you anticipate the NFT space will go?

Healbell: I simply hope it’ll settle out over the next several years and become less hype-driven. There will continue to be a large number of successful and unsuccessful enterprises. I believe the space will become more useful, but I’m not going to attempt to anticipate what will remain and what will depart.


Rei: Finally, what is the best place for folks to learn more about you and your work? 

Healbell: In my linktree, you’ll find anything! I suggest my “portfolio” webpage since it has all of the information for each project I’ve worked on. The complete tale isn’t available on Instagram or Twitter, and it’s in much higher quality!



The “sailor moon act 23” is a NFT that is about Sailor Mars and Healbell. The two talk about their relationship, the future of the Moon Kingdom, and what it’s like to be a sailor in love.

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