10 Best Play-to-Earn Crypto Gaming Launchpads You Should Follow

There are a lot of different types of games that can be played on crypto-related platforms. Here are some titles to check out if you want to earn cryptocurrency while playing your favorite game!

The “top igo launchpads” is a list of 10 best Play-to-Earn crypto gaming launchpads. These play-to-earn gaming platforms offer users the chance to earn cryptocurrency by playing games that are usually free to play.

IGO launchpads are the newest trend in the crypto industry, and the concept is similar to that of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) (ICO). 

The Initial Game Offering (IGO) is a method for blockchain gaming firms to raise funds from the public. The key distinction between IGOs and ICOs, however, is that IGO participants usually have first access to in-game assets and NFTs.

IGOs often utilize launchpad platforms to coordinate their efforts. Participants that invest via launchpads are usually required to lock the platform’s native token for a specified period of time. 

Depending on the project, participants may earn early access to the game’s tokens or NFTs. In certain cases, tokens and NFTs gained via IGOs may be exchanged outside of the gaming environment on decentralized exchanges and NFT markets.

We’ll examine at ten of the top IGO Launchpads in this post.

1. Gaming on Unix

UniX Gaming is a gaming community and platform with the goal of becoming the biggest gaming guild in the Play-to-Earn business. The IGO Launchpad platform is presently being developed by the platform.

With over 200,000 members, 20 eSports teams, and 27 million stream watchers, the community is well positioned to be a top IGO launchpad platform when it launches.

UniX Gaming has teamed with some of the industry’s biggest names, including:

  • The Sandbox is a play area for children.
  • Big Time
  • Furious Engines
  • Atlas of the Stars
  • Elumia’s Legends
  • League of Monkeys

The Unix IGO Launchpad will provide early access to some of the most current AAA games to members of their community before they are distributed to the wider public. Members will be able to play some of the top blockchain games at a discounted rate as a result of this.

The community will have varied degrees of access to the launchpad depending on how many UniX tokens they have spent. The tier system will be divided into five categories:

1. Common

This tier is open to everyone who has staked at least 2,000 UniX tokens. This tier’s members will be placed into a lottery to win tokens from the IGO. Common members will get a pool weight of 30 during the pre-sale.

2. Unusual

This tier is open to members who have invested 5,000 tokens. Members in this tier will still be placed into a token allocation lottery, but their pool weight will be increased to 65, giving them a higher chance of winning. These members will also receive initial access to the game’s wardrobe and merchandise.

3. Rare

Members who bet 20,000 tokens will get a guaranteed allotment rather than being put in a lottery. Their pool weight will be raised to 145 pounds. Members also receive first dibs on game gear and stuff, as well as NFT drops.

4. Epic  

To acquire entry to the Epic tier, you’ll need 50,000 tokens. As a result, the pool weight is boosted to a mind-boggling 400 pounds. This is a guaranteed allocation, and members get early access to the game in addition to all of the prior tier’s incentives.

5. Remarkable 

To get entrance to this tier, you must stake 100,000 tokens, but the rewards are legendary. Despite the fact that they no longer have a pool weight, these members are assured a 700+ private allocation in the IGO. 

They receive everything from the early access version of the game, including NFT drops, gear, and items, as well as two additional incentives. Legendary members will gain access to the NFT treasury and a private conversation with the game’s creators.

The tier system is designed to reward members based on their efforts, so those who have staked more will be rewarded more, allowing the community to benefit fairly from this milestone.


2. GameFi

GameFi is an IGO launchpad with a multitude of services to assist games in their success. It was created by a Vietnamese group that was also responsible for the Red Kite Launchpad’s success.

GameFi has released 13 games on blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon so far. GameFi has built initiatives such Yield Guilds, Aggregator, Marketplace, and Accelerator as part of its ecosystem.

GameFi offers a choice of Pools for users to pick from. Each pool has a distinct slot value. 

For example, IGO slot pricing for DeathRoad were $100 and $40. This platform works on the principle of “first come, first served,” with the winner gaining a position in the IGO. 

Crowdfunding gaming initiatives on GameFi include:

  • Orbitau
  • Bots that are rebellious
  • BullieVerse
  • Elumia’s Legends
  • Metaverse of Gunstar
  • Online Polygonum
  • Game of the Killbox
  • Titan Hunters are a group of people that are dedicated to

GAFI, GameFi’s native currency, has a number of uses, including passive income staking. Token holders must stake their GAFI tokens in order to participate in an IGO.

You must first stake GAFI on the company’s website to participate in a GameFi IGO. As a consequence, you will be able to boost your level. 

Starting with nothing and staking GAFI, you work your way up to Rookie, Elite, Pro, and eventually Legend. Each group has its own advantages, necessitating a greater level of GAFI and stakes.

There are a multitude of IGO methods available, including community, true IGO, and even a private sale if the project so wants. 

On top of that, you could buy mystery boxes. Purchasing a mystery box enables you to make a larger donation to IGO than is otherwise possible. As a consequence, you’ll have NFT for the game AND will be able to put even more money into the game’s token.


3. Sow the seeds

Seedify is a Binance Smart Chain-based blockchain game launchpad powered by GameFi IGO. A group of blockchain professionals formed the IGO launchpad in early 2021, and it has since completed a succession of successful IGOs.

The platform’s native SFUND token, which must be placed into a pool, may be used to invest in a project. Like any other DeFi network, you may stake SFUND to receive passive income in the form of extra tokens. 

You might also use it to invest in initiatives that interest you, raising the value of SFUND while also giving the token a purpose.

The reward for investing tokens is determined by a tier structure. The more SFUND tokens you have and the more weight you contribute to the pool, the higher your tier.

Each of Seedify’s nine levels maintains a pool and asks users to deposit their FUND, the platform’s utility token. 

Tiers 2 through 9 are guaranteed pools, whereas tier 1 is a completely random pool. The higher the tier you are allocated to, the more money you invest into a project.

Before engaging in an IGO on this platform, users must undergo an ID verification procedure using the Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol. They must also purchase the appropriate tokens and keep them in a wallet.

Crowdfunding game projects on Seedify include:

  • Trade on the Internet
  • Heroes enslaved
  • MetaStrike
  • MOBLAND is a place where people live (Previously known as Syn City)
  • Penguin Karts is a company that makes karts for
  • Misfits in Space
  • Supernova
  • The Relationship
  • Defishing World

The community decides whether or not to support projects based on its governance standards. Assisting with community development and marketing is also part of the package.

The Seedify launchpad essentially serves as a showcase for budding crypto entrepreneurs with gaming-related concepts.

Seedify enables any entrepreneur or inventor to submit their work for community review. If the assessment is favorable, the project will get seed funding.

Gamestarter Gamestarter is a peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency platform.

4. Begin the game

Gamestarter is an IGO launchpad that focuses on non-traditional games. Gamestarter is widely recognized as one of the most advanced layer-2 systems on the market. 

Gamestarter is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that allows independent game creators to pre-sell any unique in-game assets using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This essentially means that if the game contains unusual armor, a rare weapon, a rare vehicle, or even simply an avatar, it will be shown and offered as an NFT.

Gamestarter has completed a handful of projects, and a slew of others are in the works or set to go on pre-sale.

Crowdfunding gaming initiatives on Gamestarter include:

  • BitHotel
  • Fight Club for Cryptocurrencies
  • Frontiers of the Dark
  • Demole
  • Dynasty
  • Monster Moo
  • Nintia
  • Seed of an Idea

The GAME cryptocurrency token, which is based on Ethereum, powers Gamestarter. After obtaining the GAME token, a user may buy any NFT asset or product throughout the whole network.

Gamestarter’s functioning is based on the GAME token, which is the primary incentive. There is an initial Lottery to select who may participate in a next IGO. The more GAME tokens a user invests, the more likely they are to get an allocation.

However, everyone who bets more than 5,000 GAME tokens receives a guaranteed allotment, while legendary level users get a supersized guaranteed allocation.

Gamestarter is a crowdfunding platform that gives independent game creators a variety of choices for financing and bringing their ideas to reality.

Everyone has the same chance to buy GAME tokens and invest them in crypto games established on the platform.

Enjin Starter

Enjin Starter is a great way to get started with Enjin.

Enjin Starter is a blockchain and metaverse gaming IGO platform. It was built on Enjin’s Jumpnet Blockchain. There are no gasoline expenses, which is a huge plus.

Enjin Starter also supports non-financial tokens (NFTs) and smart contracts that are carbon-neutral. Game makers are compensated for their creativity by selling NFTs, which are based on Enjin commodities.

In addition, game creators may sell NFTs to generate cash for their Enjin-based products. It’s worth noting that the Enjin Starter team has a strong gaming background and is supervised by Enjin’s CEO and CTO, both of whom are crypto gaming and NFT industry pioneers.

The crew has a lot of expertise with both blockchain technology and the gaming industry. To participate in any of the above IGOs, you must first complete the KYC processes before staking your tokens.

Among the crowdfunded gaming projects on Enjin Starter are:

  • The Golden Age of Tanks
  • Wagon of Assault
  • Ecia
  • Everworld Gaia
  • Kryxivia
  • PathDAO
  • Defina Project
  • Zomfi

As the name implies, Enjinstarter is the beginning point for all enjin games. Enjin is well-known for its work on popular video game titles as Mincecraft. They’re also noted for their game modules that are very well-integrated. 

Enjinstarter is useful not just for simple games, but also for more complex ones. Axie, for example, is a fun game, but it wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t lucrative (or maybe it would if we hadn’t all played angry birds).

Enjin, on the other side, specializes on more complex games, such as AAA-style MMORPGs like Dungeon Universe.

Playpad gaming

PlayPad is number six.

PlayPad is a Multi-Chain IGO platform designed for virtual reality gaming and play-to-earn programs. PlayPad can host any project with Ethereum EVM support, independent of chain, while other platforms are specialized on particular chains. This IGO launchpad supports the Polygon, Ethereum, and BSC networks.

In contrast to other IGO launchpads, PlayPad solely enables VR games and NFT-based projects. The platform may be used to finance and promote metaverse games for VR headsets like the HTC Vive Pro 2 and Meta Quest 2.

On the marketplace, independent game designers will be able to sell in-game assets as NFTs. It offers up new options for project owners to obtain finance in this manner.

Crowdfunding gaming projects on PlayPad include:

  • SolChicks
  • Altava
  • MechaChain
  • Toyo
  • Exiled Nomads
  • Cheers
  • Defly
  • AGV

The platform employs a tier system to make the IGO process more accessible and equitable. PlayPad runs a staking pool where you can stake PPAD, the platform’s token. 

To acquire access to PlayPad Launchpad, participants must wager a certain amount of PlayPad tokens (PPAD).

Most Tier systems take into account the quantity of tokens staked by each player when deciding whether or not to participate in an IGO. 

The PlayPads DQ Allocation mechanism, on the other hand, considers how long the tokens have been staked. This method is designed to enhance the likelihood of a user participating in an IGO.

Roco Finance

ROCO Finance is number seven.

ROCO Finance is a completely decentralized GameFi platform that links content providers, game developers, and players to blockchain services. Their major purpose is to help creators list and launch their crypto games and currencies efficiently.

In addition to providing utility and access to game production tools, they provide a flagship game called Increase Your Online Presence, which is based on the Avalanche blockchain. It’s a popular cryptocurrency game, and it’s creating a lot of interest in the ROCO Finance launchpad.

Major investors such as Huobi Capital and Alameda Research have shown interest in the game. 

By merging blockchain technology infrastructure with its gaming solutions, ROCO Finance reduces the entry barrier for gamers and players.

You may participate in any of the IGOs by completing a few tasks:

  1. The Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol is used to verify identity.
  2. Then, in order to participate in the IGO, you must stake your ROCO tokens in the IGO pool.
  3. To participate in forthcoming IGOs, you’ll also need to vote.

ROCO has crowdfunded a number of video game projects, including:

  • Increase Your Online Presence
  • Xerians
  • Dogeon
  • Akitavax
  • Islander
  • Crabada
  • NFT’s Heroes
  • Crafting a Story
  • Kaira

ROCO also offers NFT services to game producers and gaming communities, such as virtual item management, distribution, and exchange.

Players may convert in-game earnings to real-world cash or swap real-world currency for in-game currency, enabling them to add real money to their digital wallets while playing. Players may trade in the real world while having fun.

Game Zone launchpad

Game Zone No. 8

GameFi games are launched from Game Zone, an IGO launchpad. From a single place, players can enjoy NFT Play-to-Earn games developed on all major blockchains, including Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Ethereum.

Investors may engage in a complicated tier structure on the site. By staking GZONE, Game Zone’s token, users may get access to new play-to-earn games, lotteries, beta versions, and NFT airdrops.

As you stake more GZONE, your pool weight increases, and you earn access to additional features and early access events.

GameZone’s tier-based allocation process ensures that everyone has a chance to earn an early share in the most sought-after blockchain-enabled games.

Better allocation packages benefit higher levels, which may contain more and/or rarer NFTs, more tokens, or a better NFT-to-token ratio.

Through the GameZone grant program, high-potential early-stage gaming ventures may get funding and full access to BlueZilla’s extensive network and resources, including legal, marketing, technical, and consulting services.

Crowdfunding gaming initiatives at Game Zone include:

  • Dotpad
  • Fantastic NFTs
  • World of Pax Pax Pax Pax Pax Pa
  • Revomon
  • Verve

GameZone is a platform for non-fungible tokens and blockchain-enabled games that enables bright new gaming entrepreneurs to raise capital while bootstrapping their first playerbase and early evangelists.

Red Kite games

Red Kite (nine)

PolkaFoundry’s Red Kite is an IGO launchpad and DeFi platform. It allows game developers and content suppliers to showcase their goods to the gaming community.

Red Kite presently provides pools for Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon, and is testing Polkadot pools on the PolkaFoundry testnet in order to become the first Polkadot launchpad with adjustable pool types and whitelist requirements.

A bot system is also available on the site, which monitors a player’s activities and gives reputation points depending on their behaviors. The reputation of a participant will influence their tier and ability to participate in future launches.

Red Kite strives to give chances to participants in a fair and timely way. Without resorting to gas wars, the platform employs a lane-based swap mechanism to guarantee that all players have an opportunity to join IGOs depending on their tier.

Red Kite employs a Distribution Portal to let projects vest their sold tokens. Before or after the original sale, this feature may be utilized for secondary offers.

Among Red Kite’s crowdfunded gaming projects are:

  • War of the Dragons
  • Epic War
  • Bots that are rebellious
  • MetaRun
  • Mitra’s Legends
  • Karnage in the Kingdom
  • RainMaker is a video game developed by RainMaker Games.

Token holders have early access to hand-picked projects before the rest of the public, thanks to the platform’s utility token “PKF.”

Users may get early access to unique token sales at a reduced price before projects reach the market. Red Kite has already supported a number of projects, including Rainmaker, The Killbox, and Revolve.

The launchpad platform evaluates all applications personally before allowing them to be added to the platform, with the goal of only working with the most promising crypto ventures.

DAO Maker Crypt gaming investing

DAO Maker is number ten.

DAO Maker is a retail-focused start-up financing platform. It makes venture capital accessible to a large number of retail investors and people.

The company’s main product is the DAO Pad, a multi-investment platform that enables DAO token holders to participate in early-stage token sales for new projects.

DAO Maker, in addition to its well-known DAO Pad product, provides a number of other services to blockchain startups. Incubation services, operations and advising services, and social mining, one of the company’s signature products, are among them.

Among the crowdfunded game projects on DAO Maker are:

  • SB Dragon
  • The Skies of Infinity
  • KingdomX
  • Meta Gaming Guild is a group of people that are interested in
  • MetaGods
  • Spellfire
  • Runner on the Street

Users must first qualify for the DAO Maker’s launchpad by utilizing “DAO Power.” 

Users may either stake the DAO token and swap for DAO Power 1:1 or offer liquidity for DAO pairings to trade the LP token for DAO Power at a 1:1.5 ratio. Users may get DAO Power after locking their DAO for 5 days.

Your position gets more beneficial as you gain more DAO Power. Because the number of holders in each tranche will decrease as the trench order increases, anyone with more DAO Power will have a higher chance of earning a whitelist spot.

DAO Maker provides strong flagship services that contribute to dynamic coin offerings and a variety of positive incentives, such as social mining to produce opportunities to earn rewards and its own native token DAO, which lets its owner can participate in token sale events.


As the crypto ecosystem has changed, new approaches to raise funds for new blockchain-based enterprises and initiatives have arisen.

Overall, the best IGO launchpads described above benefit both players and crypto game developers. The goal of these platforms is to make investment simpler, to reach a bigger audience, and to provide developers with early liquidity while simultaneously boosting investor safety.

As an example:

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The “gamefi” is a platform that allows users to earn crypto by playing games. It also has an open API for developers to integrate their own games into the system. The 10 best play-to-earn gaming launchpads you should follow are listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best games to play to earn crypto?

A: The best games to earn crypto are usually those that dont require skill (in other words, theyre easiest games) or have a very large user base. Crush the Castle is one such game where you can play with little effort and get rewards in the form of coins and tokens which you can use for various things like buying skins in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Are crypto Launchpads worth it?

A: Cryptocurrency Launchpads are not worth it. The whole point is to purchase them with a cryptocurrency, but because of the high volatility in cryptocurrencies and the low cost for these devices-it basically means that theres no point purchasing this device unless youre also investing heavily into cryptocurrency.

How much can you make playing NFT games?

A: It really depends on the game and how active you are. Some games can make an average of one dollar per hour, while other games can be even more lucrative with over $1,000 a day in profits!

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